1 can’t handle it! Textile raw material price rising tide like a bolt!

1 thought that the sharp rise of raw materials at the end of last year had passed. Unexpectedly, it was just “foreplay”

polyester, cotton, nylon, spandex, grey fabric…

after the beginning of the new year, all the price increase notices came

all the back-end weaving enterprises and traders cried

the first shot of raw material price increase in the year of the rooster has started

sorry, my customer

please check the price again before placing an order

as soon as you close your eyes, the raw materials have gone up again

spandex: the price of cotton has been raised by 2000 yuan / ton in the whole line

the price of cotton has soared as high as 600 yuan / ton

polyester filament has increased by another 100 yuan to 200 yuan / ton

grey cloth has increased by 0.5-3 yuan / meter

as soon as you open your eyes, raw materials have gone up again

take the textile industry as an example, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival has just dissipated, and the textile and chemical fiber market has resumed its busy scene. Due to the good order status, some textile enterprises started earlier than in previous years, and polyester, spandex, cotton yarn and other raw materials are also good, have ushered in a “good start”. Many people in the market have said that this wave of price increases has come earlier than before and is more violent

the futures and spot markets are fully opened

the futures market and the spot market are also rising. Just after the Spring Festival, the two markets are constantly rising! Futures, from PTA, copper, aluminum, rubber, to all kinds of steel, without exception, a new record

in terms of spot goods, no matter what the demand of the terminal is, it’s just a word “up”! Any disturbance in the market will be a reason for price increase. you ‘re right! 1s any news… Full of routine

dyeing factories have come out again to “make trouble”

just after Valentine’s day, some dyeing factories in Guangdong and Zhejiang have issued “new policies”:

only accept short polyester and polyester Milk silk and polyester cotton blended products:

cancel all the original Discounts:

increase the price of all kinds of cloth dyeing and finishing fees on the original basis:

from the notice, the biggest reason for the price increase comes from environmental protection. Due to the severe situation of environmental supervision, the operating cost has increased significantly, and the limited production capacity of printing and dyeing enterprises, the living space of manufacturers has been significantly compressed. Under all kinds of helplessness, the company decided to increase the price of dyeing fees

2017 will be an extraordinary year for all textile manufacturers

upstream raw material manufacturers

please leave us some profits

downstream customers

please understand our price increase

if it doesn’t go up again, the business really can’t go on

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