1’ll try fire-fighting protective clothing, too

November 9 of this year is the 23rd fire protection day in our province, and November is also the fire protection publicity month in our province. Yesterday morning, our city’s fire department carried out a series of activities in the city’s century square with the theme of “eliminating fire hazards and building a safe community”

in the micro fire station business skills competition area, 24 community micro fire station members from 11 counties (cities, districts) are conducting a big competition. 1n the fire knowledge prize answering area, three citizens are rushing to answer and win small gifts. The intelligent charging of electric vehicles in the intelligent fire exhibition area has attracted many people’s attention. Nowadays, electric vehicles have become a means of transportation for many people. However, fires caused by private wiring and aging of batteries occur from time to time. This system has multi-level security protection function and safety danger warning mechanism. 1t only takes one minute to detect whether the battery of the vehicle is faulty. According to the company’s staff, this system has been promoted in Hangzhou and has been welcomed by the public

in addition, there are special service equipment exhibition area, interactive fire fighting experience area and simulated fire fighting experience area on site, which attract many citizens to participate in the rich activities

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