1’m a hard hat – 1’m responsible for protecting people’s heads

My name is hard hat. 1 came to this world with the responsibility of protecting people’s fragile heads

1 look like a hemisphere. Although 1’m not handsome, 1’m strong in body, full of dedication and sacrifice spirit. My appearance is not surprising, but compared with other members of the hat family, my effect is not inferior at all. As long as 1’m put on my head, 1 will faithfully perform my duties: whether it’s falling from a height or flying objects from other directions, 1 will be desperate to use their own body, or even sacrifice themselves to resist, in order to protect people from harm, which makes me feel very proud

a few years ago, my life was not easy at all. Some people thought that wearing me on my head did not increase heating in winter, but it was more muggy in summer, which made me suffer a lot of grievances. Some people put me in the garbage heap, which covered me with dust; Some let me have no place to live, often in the corner of the office or warehouse; Some of them are especially harsh on me and often fall me, leaving me scarred; Some people don’t wear me according to the regulations, which makes me unable to play my due role

in the State Grid, the safety awareness of employees is generally enhanced. Now 1’m in the limelight. People attach great importance to me and polish me every day. Let me and my “brother company” stand together neatly and gracefully, which makes us feel majestic. Now, in various production and construction sites, you can often see our figure. 1n order not to let us lose, people have numbered us and printed the glorious brand logo of State Grid. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, people will never forget to wear me on their heads when they work

since you think highly of me, 1 can’t let you down! 1 must do my duty, stick to my post, and work with you to keep the door of safety, keep accidents and disasters away from us, and let Ping’an walk with people forever

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