100000 yuan for personal protective equipment

Yuxi Tonghai brigade has invested more than 100000 yuan to purchase personal protective equipment, which is now in place

according to the standard for firefighters’ protective equipment issued by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security, the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of fire fighting work and army construction has been promoted. Through multi-party fund-raising, nearly 100000 yuan has been invested in the purchase of a number of protective equipment worn by firefighters

this batch of equipment is in place to solve the problem of aging, damage and other abnormal use of personal protective equipment. 1t provides effective safety guarantee for the fighters to go deep into the fire and hazardous chemicals storage places to carry out fire fighting and rescue work, and lays a good foundation for the squadron to deal with all kinds of hazardous chemicals leakage accidents, fire fighting and rescue in high difficulty areas, deep well rescue and other fire fighting and rescue work, and greatly improves the squadron officers and soldiers’ field combat ability and emergency disposal level

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