136 domestic waste cleaners change uniform in Hefei

Yesterday, the automobile team of Shushan District Urban Management Bureau of Hefei city changed the spring clothes for 136 front-line domestic waste scavengers, which is the seventh year. The reporter saw that the new work clothes are light gray, which are divided into long sleeve coats and trousers. The cuffs and trouser legs have necking design. Two horizontal reflective strips are designed on the dark part of the coats and trousers, which provides a certain safety guarantee for the scavengers to collect domestic waste at the roadside in the morning

“at present, the domestic waste cleaners in other counties and districts of Hefei work in casual clothes. Only Shushan district changes the working clothes for the domestic waste cleaners every year.” According to the relevant person in charge of the Urban Management Bureau of Shushan District, Hefei City, the district has changed the clothes for domestic waste collectors for seven consecutive years. Each cleaner will get two sets of spring and autumn clothes, summer clothes, winter clothes, labor protection shoes and raincoats each year. Among them, the materials for spring and autumn and winter clothing are Oxford cloth, and the materials for summer clothing are polyester cotton, which are very wear-resistant and washable, and the moisture permeability of winter clothing is up to the standard of mountaineering clothing

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