14 construction projects failed to meet the dust standards and were stopped

Hebei Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development recently announced the specific situation of construction safety production and dust control law enforcement inspection in Hebei Province, and issued hidden danger notices to 18 projects under construction with potential safety hazards, and shutdown rectification notices to 14 projects under construction with prominent dust control problems

recently, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development formed six inspection teams to inspect the implementation of construction safety production and dust control in 11 cities divided into districts, Dingzhou, Xinji and North China Petroleum Administration. The inspection was conducted by random sampling, with 110 projects under construction, including 20 affordable housing projects

the inspection found that the safety production and dust control measures of some construction enterprises were not in place. 1n the aspect of safety construction, some problems exist, such as the construction scheme is out of line with the actual situation, can not guide the construction, the personal protective equipment department of construction workers is complete, and the temporary electricity and scaffold erection on the construction site do not meet the current standards and specifications. 1n the aspect of dust control, there are some problems in some sites, such as the coverage of bare earthwork is not strict

for the construction site with weak safety management and poor dust control, the competent departments at all levels will strengthen supervision to ensure that the problems are rectified according to the time limit and standards, and the relevant responsible units and persons who refuse to rectify will be seriously dealt with. Our province will, in accordance with relevant regulations, record the relevant responsible units involved in the shutdown project in the enterprise’s bad records

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