1480 non coal mines to be closed by the end of next year in Shandong Province

The provincial safety supervision department and other four departments recently formulated a plan to select 20 key counties (cities and districts) for key supervision and promotion on the basis of the two key counties determined by the state. Relevant opinions require that by the end of next year, the target of closing 1480 non coal mines in the whole province issued by the office of the State Council safety committee should be completed

in order to implement the major deployment of the provincial government, the provincial administration of work safety, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance and the Provincial Department of land and resources specially formulated and issued the opinions on Further Strengthening the work safety of non coal mines (lu’anjiffa [2013] No. 86) and the provisions on work safety conditions of metal and non-metal underground mines in Shandong Province (Provisional) (lu’anjiffa [2014] No. 17), Comprehensively study and promote the advanced experience of coal mine safety production. By the end of next year, all mines that fail to reach the scale specified in the document will be closed, and the total number of non coal mines will drop by more than 30% on the basis of 2011; Totally eliminate 19 kinds of equipment and processes that are forbidden by the state; All underground non coal mines have met the safety production conditions stipulated by the state and the province, and the mines of medium and above scale and above provincial level have reached the second level of standardization; Put an end to major accidents, contain major accidents, reduce general accidents, and realize the stable improvement of safety production situation of non coal mines in the province

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