17 enterprises in Foshan City fined 1.408 million for lack of protection

Last year, our city launched special enforcement of occupational health around key industries, and 17 enterprises were punished for lack of occupational disease prevention facilities and discovery of occupational disease patients. This year, we will continue to carry out special control of occupational health for dust from cement manufacturing and stone processing enterprises

according to the person in charge of the Occupational Health Department of the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, in April 2013, our city launched the special rectification of the ceramic sanitary ware industry, issued more than 80 rectification instructions to the enterprises with illegal status, filed 25 cases, 17 enterprises were administratively punished, with a total fine of 1.408 million yuan. 1t is understood that most of these punished enterprises came from the ceramic sanitary ware industry. 1t is worth mentioning that our city has strictly implemented the “three Simultaneities” of occupational health for new projects (the occupational disease prevention and control facilities in construction projects must be designed, constructed and put into operation at the same time as the main project). The number of projects approved this year ranks first in the province” The most important reason for the occurrence of occupational diseases is that some projects are congenitally deficient when they are launched. Therefore, “three Simultaneities” is the fundamental means to prevent and control occupational hazards from the source The person in charge said

it is reported that in order to find out the basic situation of occupational hazards in the city, the city established occupational health archives for 9160 enterprises in 2013, accounting for 76.92% of the total number of declared enterprises; This year, in the occupational health supervision, we will continue to build a demonstration enterprise with one enterprise and one file. At the same time, in addition to continuing to supervise the ceramic sanitary ware industry, it will also carry out special occupational health treatment for dust from cement manufacturing and stone processing enterprises

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