18 enterprises in Ningxia were dealt with for unqualified labor protection articles

recently, the Safety Supervision Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has carried out special supervision and inspection on the management, investment, distribution, training and use of labor protection articles in 18 enterprises including non coal mines, petrochemical industry, construction, metallurgy, manufacturing and processing enterprises with fatal accidents in 2010

during the inspection, the law enforcement personnel found that some enterprises did not establish the management system of labor protection articles; Some enterprises do not distribute or do not distribute special labor protection articles; The labor protection articles issued to employees by some enterprises are three no products; The protective articles for special posts do not meet the relevant national standards; Part of the enterprise safety training is not in place, employees can not correctly use or do not wear labor protection equipment, low self-protection consciousness

according to the problems, the inspectors issued rectification notices to 10 enterprises on site, and the other 8 illegal enterprises were handled by the local safety supervision department according to law(Zhang Jianbo)