1dentification method of leather materials for safety footwear

1f you want to know the true and false of leather, you should first have a certain understanding of leather. Now there are many kinds of leather materials in the market, such as cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, horse skin, etc. some leather materials can be subdivided according to their internal species: for example, cowhide can be divided into buffaloes and buffalo; Sheepskin is divided into goatskin and sheepskin and so on. According to the level of technology, these leather can be divided into the first layer, the second layer and the third layer!! All kinds of leather materials have the characteristics of all kinds of leather materials. The characteristics of common leather materials are:

cow leather: because cow leather can reach a certain thickness and fastness, it is mainly used for leather goods and shoes. Cowhide is characterized by small pores, uniform and close distribution, fullness, firmer skin than other skins, firm and elastic handle. There are many kinds of cowhide garment leather. At present, there are not as many kinds of cowhide processed into different styles as pigskin and sheepskin. Cattle layer is also used in clothing, but it is generally used in cattle layer suede leather. The difference between cattle layer and pig layer is that the suede fiber is coarser, but there are no pores. Cattle double layer modified leather is mainly used in leather. 1t is processed on cattle double layer to imitate smooth surface or old effect. 1t is difficult to identify this kind of leather

pigskin: Pigskin smooth surface, ordinary pigskin smooth surface is processed by different leather making processes. First, the surface of pigskin is coated with pulp and then colored. Ordinary pigskin smooth surface is glossy, and the pore arrangement is very regular. Generally, the three pores are in a triangular shape. According to different regions and different leather making processes, the quality of pigskin smooth surface is also different, which is not explained in detail here, Pigs with good quality have fine grain and soft handle. Due to the continuous improvement of leather technology, now pig smooth surface can be processed into many different kinds of leather. Embossing effect, embossing effect is on the surface of the skin pressure strip, blood veins, etc; Litchi grain effect, this effect is sometimes a bit like the effect of coarse-grained cowhide, but it is essentially different from cowhide. The characteristic of litchi grain is that the skin is thicker than ordinary smooth surface and the grain is rough. The surface of this kind of leather is not pasted, but directly painted with different colors. The luster is slightly darker than that of ordinary smooth surface. The handle of this kind of leather is better than that of ordinary smooth surface, and it has a drooping feeling when holding it in the hand. Water washing effect, the smooth surface coating of water washing effect is also thin, which is not very different from ordinary smooth surface. The difference is that it feels softer than ordinary smooth surface. You can clean the stains on your clothes directly with water. Wipe leather, the skin surface and the bottom of the color is different, in the finished product, you can use sandpaper or other raw materials on the outside of the clothes where you need to wipe, so that your clothes become a more fashionable style< 1dentification method of leather for safety shoes: 1. Touch: feel: touch the surface of leather by hand. 1f it is smooth (grain is processed into coarse leather), soft, plump and elastic, it is genuine leather

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