1f the earphone is worn for one hour, the bacteria will multiply five times and should be cleaned regularly

most of the citizens have never cleaned their earphones

before the experiment, the reporter conducted random interviews with the citizens in the street. Ms. Li, a citizen, told reporters that she likes wearing earphones to listen to music and uses them frequently, but she has never cleaned the earphones

Mr. Zhang, a citizen, also said that he had never cleaned the earplugs. “Anyway, the earplugs are for personal use, so they should not be dirty, so he didn’t think it was necessary.” However, Mr. Zhang also raised a question: “if 1 want to clean up, how can 1 do it? With clear water or special disinfectant

similar questions exist in most of the citizens randomly interviewed by reporters. Only a few people said that if they saw something dirty on the earphone, they would wipe it with a paper towel or a wet towel, but they did not have the habit of cleaning it

in ear earphones are easier to hide bacteria than earplug earphones

experimental props: three pairs of used earphones, one ear earphone is No.1, two ear earphone is No.2, two ear earphone is No.3

experimental tools: sterile normal saline, sterile straw, sterile culture dish, medical sterile cotton swab, etc.

in ear earphones can enter the external auditory canal

the reporter sent Mr. Zhao’s three pairs of earphones to the laboratory of Xihu District CDC, of which two pairs of earphones were stuck in the inner ear wheel and did not probe into the external auditory canal; The other pair of earphones can extend directly into the external auditory canal and contact with the skin on the ear canal. Which kind of earphone can hide more bacteria? There is no evidence for words, but for experiments

the experimenter first disinfected the No.1 earphone, then smeared the earphone with a cotton swab. After sampling, the cotton swab was put into the test tube, and 10 ml of 0.9% sterile normal saline was injected into the test tube, and then vibrated, so that the bacteria on the cotton swab could be evenly mixed in the normal saline. After that, the experimenter took 1 ml solution from the test tube, poured it on the sterile plate, and then added the culture medium

before the experiment, the left ear of No. 2 and No. 3 earphones was worn for one hour, while the right ear remained intact. After that, the experimenters also took samples of No. 2 and No. 3 earphones. After taking samples from all three earphones, the experimenter put five plates into a 36 ℃ incubator for bacterial culture< After 48 hours of cultivation, the reporter saw that four of the five plates had white spots. The experimenter explained that this is a colony formed after 48 hours of cultivation. As many colonies as there are, there are as many white spots. The reporter found that the only thing without white spots is the sampling on the sterilized earphone after that, the experimenter found that No. 1 earphone was sterile; There were 120 colonies in the left ear and 25 colonies in the right ear; The number of colonies in the left ear of No. 3 earphone was 25 after wearing for one hour, while the number of colonies in the right ear without treatment was 9. 1t can be seen that in ear earphones are more likely to hide bacteria than earplug earphones. After wearing the earphone for an hour, the bacteria multiplied nearly five times; One hour after wearing the earphone, the bacteria multiplied nearly three times according to the experimenter, the bacteria usually propagate asexually by simple dichotomous method, and the division time is generally 20-30 minutes. Therefore, from this point of view, wearing a headset for an hour, the bacteria can multiply nearly five times at most. 1f you don’t wash it all the year round, it will accelerate the bacteria reproduction< The person in charge of the laboratory of the center for Disease Control and Prevention said that if the earphone is not cleaned for a long time, it will adhere to a lot of bacteria. We must not despise these bacteria. Although we always feel that it does not have much impact on the body if we haven't cleaned the earphone for a long time, it varies from person to person. When the body's resistance is good, they don't make people sick. 1f an individual's resistance drops, they make people sick. Therefore, for their own health, or to regularly clean and disinfect headphones and other personal items; 1n addition, your headset is for your own use, do not use it for others, so as not to generate more bacteria as for the cleaning method, the person in charge said that the public can use a good quality wet towel for disinfection, or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol for wiping. The specific operation depends on the quality of the earphone China labor protection website

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