1mpact test of safety helmet

impact step 1: turn on the power switch of the instrument, warm up for 20 minutes, lift the heavy hammer with the left hand, and put the safety helmet on the head mold with the right hand and fix it. First, press the down button, the motor reverses, and the lifting frame runs from top to bottom. When it reaches the lower limit, that is, it is in full contact with the drop hammer, the lifting frame stops running and absorbs the drop hammer2. Press the forward rotation button of the lifting motor, and the lifting frame and the drop hammer rise synchronously. When they rise to the height of 1m, the lifting frame and the drop hammer stop running. 3. Press the reset button to clear the force value on the display screen, press the release button, and the drop hammer quickly falls through the track and hits the upper end of the safety helmet. At the same time, the maximum impact force value is displayed and locked. 4. Record the test data and complete one test. 1f it is necessary to continue the test, repeat steps 2-4 for the next test. 5. The stop button is only valid when the lifting frame rises, and it is invalid for the rest of the time. Before each test, turn on the power switch and let the instrument warm up for 20 minutes2. After the power is turned on, when the heavy hammer or puncture cone contacts the head mold, it will make a dripping sound. At this time, a safety helmet should be placed on the head mold to isolate. 3. When the heavy hammer or puncture cone is lifted, the tester should not put his hands or other objects under the heavy hammer or puncture cone to avoid danger. 4. 1n order to ensure the personal safety of the tester, it is necessary to wear labor protection gloves during the whole test. 5. The instrument must have a good grounding wire

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