1mportance of household gas mask and matters needing attention in purchase

household gas mask can effectively filter and isolate smoke and toxic substances in fire, and it is a sharp tool for fire escape and self rescue. Why do you say that? According to incomplete statistics, since January 2014, there have been many deaths caused by residential house fires. Among the fire deaths, 80% were caused by smoking, 15% by high temperature burns and 5% by jumping from a building

then, from this set of data, we can see that most of the deaths in fires are caused by the combustion of inflammables, resulting in a large number of carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid and other toxic gases, which are inhaled by the human body and lead to poisoning or suffocation. Therefore, the family spare gas mask is an essential safety protection equipment

here, Xiao Bian suggests that you equip your home with relevant fire fighting equipment, such as household gas masks, fire blankets, fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment. How to choose and use household gas masks correctly will become the most critical step

there are many types of household gas masks on the market. According to the fixed form of gas masks, they can be divided into headband type and hood type:

1. headband type gas mask is to use elastic headband to closely fit the mask body with the user’s face, so as to effectively isolate external toxic gases and human respiratory tract, The advantage of headband type gas mask is that the size of the mask is relatively complete, generally divided into three models: large, medium and small. The mask has good sealing performance, and the hearing is not affected. The disadvantage is that the wearing steps are complex and inconvenient

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