1mportant notice: Labor 1nsurance Association moved to Kunming in October

Colorful Yunnan is a paradise, free from dust and fireworks. Countless beautiful sceneries interweave with each other, forming a mysterious place that people yearn for. China Labor Protection Products Fair will create a new chapter for labor protection workers in Kunming, a “bridgehead” city facing Southeast Asia and South Asia

in order to prepare for the 70th anniversary of China, Beijing will suspend the approval of any large-scale activities from September 1 to October 7, 2019. Therefore, the 99th China labor protection products fair, originally scheduled to be held in Beijing National Convention Center from September 23 to 25, 2019, will be held in Kunming 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center from October 12 to 14, 2019

“Nine” is the largest number, and “Nine” has a high status in the minds of Chinese people. The 99th Labor 1nsurance Association, based on the idea of “nine to return to the source”, is the end of a stage and the beginning of a sublimation. On the 70th anniversary of the motherland, we all have the obligation and responsibility to follow the arrangements of the country and help the motherland’s Daqing

the change of time and land is not only a test for our labor insurance workers, but also an opportunity to open the kingdom of non-ferrous metals and get close to the market of Southeast Asia and South Asia. Let’s not forget our original intention and escort the prosperity of our motherland in Colorful Yunnan

specific selection process:

1. From July 17 to 19, companies above the director level will give priority to the booth selection

on February 22 and July 22, the download center of the official website of the Labor 1nsurance Association announced the drawings, and member enterprises can choose the booth

on March 25 and July 25, the booths will be open to the public, and non member enterprises can choose booths

4. Tel: 010-68535315, 68535401, 68535417

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