1mpression of Chaomei (CM)

if you get off at Jiande high-speed railway station in the future and see a big spider man on the top of the factory building at the foot of the mountain, posing my coolest posture in the world, then you can follow the road to Jiande Chaomei (CM) Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., the recognized leading enterprise in the labor protection industry and the earliest private enterprise in Jiande

my first impression of the DPRK us (CM) is standardization

standardization is not only reflected in the standardized road signs and clean factory environment, but also in the reception process of Chaomei (CM). There are special personnel to contact the arrival time and schedule before determining the itinerary and leaving. 1 understand that the staff in charge of reception of Chaomei (CM) are following the tea art teacher in class after work, which is completely consistent with the style of the time-honored enterprises. They are meticulous enough to be impeccable in all the work of the enterprises. Few of them can do this and achieve the level of Chaomei (CM)

in 1978, with the start-up of Chaomei (CM) and the pace of reform and opening up, Lin Jinxiang opened his entrepreneurial dream with 50 yuan. Now, Chaomei (CM), which has more than 800 people and an annual production capacity of more than 400 million masks, has been inherited from Lin Jinxiang’s two sons, and is gifted in technology and capacity upgrading, Lin Yanwei, the eldest son, has a unique sense of smell and perspective in the process of marketing and enterprise development. 1 think this may be part of the reason why Chaomei (CM) has taken a steady and resolute way in the process of moving from a small family workshop to a leading enterprise in the industry

2003 is an unforgettable year for the people of the whole country. The sudden outbreak of SARS has changed the life trajectory of many people, including Lin Jinxiang. The on-the-spot investigation of the medical and Chemical Department of the national development and Reform Commission and the emergency supply of 200000 masks have strengthened Lin Jinxiang’s determination to vigorously develop respiratory protective equipment for Chaomei (CM) in the future, and also enabled him to complete the perfect transformation from a businessman to an entrepreneur

no matter the SARS epidemic 15 years ago, the Wenchuan earthquake and the explosion in Tianjin Binhai New Area in recent years, the DPRK and the United States (CM) are in the front line; Villagers’ activity park built in cooperation with local government outside the plant area, Double Ninth Festival banquet and gifts prepared for 70 year old people every year; Providing financial aid for poor students and providing free masks for the Red Cross Society… All these deeds have been adhered to by CM as a business tradition. This is an old Party member over 60 years old giving back to the soil and water he is fighting for and his neighbors. This is an entrepreneur declaring that the development of Chaomei (CM) enterprise will always focus on responsibility and mission

as far as a person’s experience and the development of an enterprise are concerned, any words that try to interpret are pale. At the moment when we write about Chaomei (CM), this feeling is particularly profound. We approach and understand Chaomei (CM) with a pious heart, and will faithfully record and interpret the story of Chaomei (CM)Please look forward to an exclusive interview with Lin Jinxiang, chairman of Jiande Chaomei (CM) Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., on the cover of the September issue of labor insurance in 2018. Hotline: 15152451114

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