1mproper operation of Beijing Tongzhou noodle shop caused explosion

A few days ago, 9 people were injured in a deflagration accident at a noodle shop at 80 Tonghu street, Tongzhou District, Beijing. One of them was seriously injured. After investigation, the accident was caused by improper operation of replacing LPG tanks by employees in the store

up to now, the door of the scene has been nailed with horizontal boards and covered with blue barriers, and the store has been closed

according to the people at the scene, the noodle shop where the explosion happened was a shop near the street, located in the south of Tonghu street. The accident also affected the shops next door. The three restaurants on both sides of the ramen shop were closed. The side wall of one of the restaurants was chiseled through, and the shop was in chaos.

at the scene, the citizen saw someone using a fire hydrant to put out the fire and carried a seriously injured person out on the sidewalk at the door” The man’s hair and clothes are gone. ” Another citizen said that the wounded were put on the cold road and kept moaning. She saw a total of three people being carried away by ambulance stretchers, and several waiters running out were still hanging noodles.

it is reported that a total of 9 wounded persons were received, including 7 males, 2 females, 1 male with severe injury, and the rest with mild burns of different degrees. The injured were sent to Luhe hospital for treatment

Beijing fire official micro blog released yesterday afternoon, saying that at 12:50, 119 command center received the alarm, and at 13:00, Xinhua Street squadron quickly completed the disposal everywhere, covering an area of about 10 square meters. Nine people were injured in the accident, including one seriously injured, four remained in hospital for observation, and four left the hospital after simple treatment. The accident is the store staff in the replacement of liquefied petroleum gas tank improper operation, resulting in deflagration

similar accidents:

61 people were injured due to the explosion of gas tank at the fireworks conference in Kyoto, Japan

at about 6:30 p.m. Beijing time on August 15, a gas tank explosion occurred at the scene of the fireworks conference held in Fukushima, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, causing 61 people injured, two of whom were seriously injured

fire hydrant and other equipment can reduce the danger in emergency time

fire hydrant is a special equipment for fire fighting, and it is not allowed to use fire hydrant for other water unrelated to fire fighting. 1n case of fire, the correct use of fire hydrant can reduce the danger to the greatest extent. Strive for precious escape time for the injured

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