1mprove the industrial chain and make safety protection fabric a safe product

With the rapid development of economy, China has become a big country in production and trade. However, in the work of safety production and occupational health, there is still a big gap between China and Europe, Japan and other developed countries. To protect workers’ life safety, keep them away from all kinds of life-threatening hidden dangers and reduce occupational hazards are the embodiment of people-oriented in work safety. As an anti-static fabric supplier, it also has an important responsibility to implement the basic policy of “safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment”. 1n the enterprise, the daily safety management often encounters such a situation: when a worker is found not using or not wearing personal protective equipment correctly, he often retorts: “don’t be so serious, OK? Don’t wear a pair of antistatic gloves! ” However, in the assembly and testing area of hazardous chemicals with great danger, wearing less a pair of anti-static gloves may form a major safety hazard. At the present stage of our country, the foundation of enterprise safety production is relatively weak, and the management level is uneven. To do a good job in the labor protection of employees is an important part of enterprise safety production, and is necessary to ensure the safety and health of employees. 1n order to implement the national laws and regulations on safety production, as the largest professional anti-static safety protection tooling fabric supplier in China, lantianhai company knows the importance of ensuring the quality of anti-static fabrics. Therefore, since the establishment of the company, the company has taken “giving safety, health and comfort to industrious and intelligent industrial workers” as its corporate vision, and it also takes standardizing the market of anti-static safety protective tooling fabrics as its own responsibility. 1n recent years, due to the accelerated process of transformation and upgrading, the textile industry is facing great challenges. As a new industry in the textile industry, the special fabric industry is also facing the demand improvement. 1n this regard, Chen Mingqing, chairman of the company, believes that for blue sky sea, the challenge is the arrival of opportunities. Blue sky sea is determined to perfectly combine the occupational safety protection and health comfort of “Lanxiang” brand fabrics. The “Lanxiang” brand anti-static occupational safety protection tooling fabric produced by lantianhai meets the national standard of gb12014-2009, and its anti-static performance is underwritten by P1CC. 1n 2010, the company cooperated with Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences to establish the special fabric R & D center of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences, thus becoming a high-tech professional supplier integrating R & D and sales. 1n 2011, the company joined the China Association of work safety. 1n the same year, relying on the unique “eight professional advantages” and strict “eight production requirements” of blue sky sea, it took the lead in transforming from an anti-static fabric supplier to an anti-static occupational safety protection tooling fabric supplier. Safety awareness will be integrated into every link of production and use, and work together with relevant enterprises in the industrial chain to engage in occupational safety protection. The fabrics provided by blue sky sea company are widely used in protective clothing and professional wear in petroleum, chemical, coal, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electric power, automobile, environmental sanitation and other industries, and have won high praise. 1n the pursuit of “beautiful use and wear” of textiles, people pay more and more attention to “safe use and healthy wear”. The emergence of this concept means that the blue sky and the sea have met a major opportunity” The word “green, pollution-free” is popular in the clothing and textile industry. Blue sky sea company believes that safe, healthy and comfortable professional tooling fabrics will adapt to the new consumption development trend and meet the market demand. 1n order to make the industrial workers wear safe, healthy and comfortable “green” tooling with ease, blue sky and sea strictly control the raw materials, increase the quality supervision and management of product production process, ensure the stability of anti-static performance of “Lanxiang” brand tooling fabric, make the safety performance index of formaldehyde and pH value reach the national standard, and select environmental friendly dyes in the dyeing process, Non toxic, harmless and free of heavy metals. 1n order to ensure the safety performance of products, we have formed a “WTW” industrial chain with suppliers and processing units. From the selection of cotton yarn and conductive materials to the production process and operation flow, we should check and strictly screen them. What the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain produce is not only the product itself, but also the safety guarantee of thousands of industrial workers. 1t is our safety responsibility to ensure the quality of products and continuously improve the performance of products. We have a long way to go in the future. To provide the society with high-quality safety protection products and popularize relevant safety knowledge as much as we can, we still need to make a lot of efforts

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