1mprove the level of safety management personnel

with the rapid development of China’s economic situation, the demand and requirements of safety management are gradually improving, the establishment and improvement of personal protective equipment related specifications and the improvement of product safety performance, more safety management related laws and regulations will mention the relevant requirements on the equipment of safety injection or the entrusted management of safety production intermediary agencies

under this favorable premise, how to meet the safety management problems under the situation of rapid economic development, especially how to improve the level of safety management personnel, has become an urgent problem to be solved” “Crisis” should be the real response to the current situation faced by safety management personnel. But at the same time, just as the connotation of the word “crisis”: danger and opportunity coexist. Without change, there will be no challenge; No challenge, no progress; No progress, no perfection

the majority of our labor insurance workers should be fully prepared to meet and cope with the challenges of new era and new demands. Around the core issue of improving the level of safety management personnel, safety management personnel can make changes from the following points:

first, positive energy: to respond to all kinds of challenges and changes with a positive attitude

“SARS” time, we understand its English abbreviation “SARS” as “smile, smile again”. Also here, a positive attitude is one of the important factors to meet the needs of future security development. People should take the initiative to do all the things they should and need to do:


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