1mproved EVA sole

manufacturer: Jinjiang Fengzhu Hongfa shoes raw and auxiliary materials Co., Ltd.

Product 1ntroduction:

“we have invested more than 1 million in the research and development of this new sole material, and it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will increase by more than 20 million yuan after it is put into production.” Li tufa, general manager of Jinjiang Fengzhu Hongfa shoes raw and auxiliary materials Co., Ltd., told reporters that this kind of sole has been put into research and development since February last year and was successfully developed in June

Li tufa told reporters that at present, the main materials used for sole are rubber, thermoplastic elastomer and plastic, and the advantages and disadvantages of sole made of various materials are different” For example, the sole made of rubber has excellent friction performance and good elastic reset, but its processing process needs vulcanization, which will produce harmful substances, and its waste can not be recycled; Using thermoplastic elastomer as material has the advantages of convenient processing, simple process and recyclable waste products, but its wear resistance is relatively general. ” Li tufa said that for this reason, many enterprises have improved the material formula. However, due to the lack of accurate control of the delivery time, delivery temperature, delivery ratio and process conditions of toughening, strengthening and antiskid additives, a considerable number of soles have poor toughness and strength, poor dimensional stability and poor elastic recovery, and some soles will produce deformation, fracture and water seepage

“because of this, the research and development of this product at that time was aimed at developing a new sole material and processing method for manufacturing this sole material, so as to improve this phenomenon, and make the processed sole have the characteristics of wear resistance, good flexibility, elastic foot, no cracking, good stability, light and comfortable wearing.” Li tufa told reporters that the new sole material developed by Hongfa shoe material is made of sole material obtained by adopting reasonable raw material formula and special processing methods. This product has a broad market and good market prospect

Company Profile:

Jinjiang Hongfa shoe material Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with strong strength and outstanding management system. With foreign advanced complete sets of equipment, high-quality management team, advanced management mode, excellent production technology and scientific operation process. Specializing in the production of series of tourist shoes, leisure shoes and other TPR, EVA, Rb sole. Over the years, we have focused on sole research and development, adhering to the tenet of “people-oriented, service first, reputation first”, which ensures that Hongfa shoes always takes the lead in environmental protection, health and fashion, and is highly praised by users

Author: Hu Aili

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