1n 2010, Thailand’s textile export grew against the trend of fierce competition

from January to July 2010, Thailand’s textile exports totaled US $4.257 billion, up 16.2% year-on-year. Taihua Farmers Research Center believes that there is still room for Thailand’s textile exports to expand in the rest of 2010. 1t is estimated that the total value of textile exports in 2010 will reach 7.2 billion US dollars, up 12% year on year. The main supporting factors are not only the increase of imports by trading partner countries, but also the tariff reduction and exemption measures in the free trade area. However, Thai textile exporters still have to be cautious to deal with various risk factors, including: (1) the competition of major competitors, especially China and ASEAN countries, which are the world’s largest textile exporters(2) Textile importing countries such as the United States, the European Union and Japan have established production bases in various regions of the world(3) The emerging labor shortage will have a negative impact on Thailand’s textile export growth< 1n order to cope with the above problems, the Thai textile industry should adjust to improve its competitiveness, such as improving production quality to better meet customer needs, improving marketing strategies, and exploring potential new markets. For example, ASEAN and the Middle East are the world's major garment production bases, which can become an important export market of Thai textiles

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