1n 2010, Wenzhou exported 3.74 billion US dollars of shoes and boots

according to the statistics of Wenzhou customs, last year, Wenzhou’s foreign trade import and export reached 17.094 billion US dollars, an increase of 28.75% over the same period last year, among which the export value of shoes and boots, clothing, on-off protection circuit devices, bags, glasses and valves ranked the top five

the export of shoes and boots reached US $3.74 billion, up 35.78% year on year; The export of clothing and accessories amounted to US $1.577 billion, up 21.78% year on year; The export of on-off protection circuit devices reached 950 million US dollars, up 53.62% year on year; The export of glasses reached 636 million US dollars, up 21.7% year on year; The export of valves was 456 million US dollars, up 15.65% year on year; The export of bags was 434 million US dollars, up 40.98% year on year

in terms of trade market, the five major markets of EU, USA, Latin America, Russia and ASEAN account for more than half of the city’s exports. Last year, our city exported US $3.988 billion, US $1.722 billion, US $1.331 billion, US $951 million and US $943 million to the European Union, the United States, Latin America, Russia and ASEAN, with a year-on-year growth of 30.57%, 43.86%, 45.2%, 72.31% and 21.63% respectively. All of them accounted for 52.27% of the city’s total export value

last year, Wenzhou ranked fifth in Zhejiang Province in terms of import and export value, behind Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Jiaxing, and ahead of Taizhou. 1t is worth noting that: in the first half of the year, Wenzhou’s total foreign trade value ranked sixth in the whole province. After Taizhou, the difference between Wenzhou and Taizhou’s total foreign trade value was US $530 million. However, since the second half of the year, Wenzhou’s total foreign trade value has been rising, exceeding Taizhou’s by US $92 million

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