1n the face of doubt, new fabrics appear in radiation resistant clothing industry?

recently, there has been a lot of excitement about anti radiation clothing. 1t started on December 18, when Chen Feng, an engineer of a laboratory, conducted an experiment in the “Truth 1nvestigation” program broadcasted by CCTV. The results show that the anti radiation clothing for pregnant women can not reflect the electromagnetic radiation through the neckline, cuff and hem of the clothing, but also refract it continuously, On the contrary, it may make the human body receive more radiation than not wearing radiation protective clothing” The saying that wearing radiation protective clothing can be harmful immediately caused a big uproar

in response to the test results and the queries of consumers, Shanghai anti electromagnetic radiation Association and national clothing Standardization Technical Committee held a media briefing in Beijing for the first time on December 22 and issued a statement to respond to the matter. The statement pointed out that anti electromagnetic radiation clothing is effective for shielding electromagnetic waves, and it is impossible for anti electromagnetic radiation clothing to become a collector of electromagnetic waves, Consumers don’t have to panic or worry because they have worn or are wearing anti electromagnetic radiation clothing

in a public statement to the media, Shanghai anti electromagnetic radiation association mentioned that Chen Feng’s laboratory conducted an experiment on anti electromagnetic radiation clothing, and concluded that anti electromagnetic radiation clothing not only can’t protect human body, but also can become a collector of electromagnetic radiation, aggravating the harm of radiation to human body, The conclusion of such a non-standard experiment is not scientific

according to the metal fiber and silver fiber fabrics mentioned in the test, the reporter found that the anti radiation brand in Taobao Mall is basically made of these two materials. However, in the search process, we found another kind of pearl fiber fabric. 1n Taobao Mall, pearl fiber fabric is only used by Tianxiang and iBEAN. After further investigation, we learned that pearl fiber fabric is a kind of more radiation resistant fabric newly developed by Tianxiang. 1BEAN brand has established a strategic cooperation relationship with Tianxiang, They also use this kind of fabric to add fragrance. 1s this pearl fiber fabric a better anti radiation fabric? Mr. Bai, head of iBEAN market, said that the radiation protection effect of this kind of pearl fiber fabric is better than that of metal fiber on the market. The fabric is softer and has stronger radiation protection effect. At present, it belongs to a new type of fabric and is very popular with consumers. The reporter found that the pearl fiber occupies a large number of pages in Tianxiang Taobao Mall. According to the relevant person in charge of Tianxiang, the pearl fiber is indeed a kind of anti radiation fabric newly developed by them. This kind of pearl fiber fabric has better anti radiation effect than metal fiber, and is more cost-effective than silver fiber. Tianxiang has great confidence in the pearl fiber fabric

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