1n the face of haze, we can’t just fire gas masks

Not long ago, the World Health Organization released air quality data of nearly 1100 cities in 91 countries, ranking 32 Chinese cities. Among them, Nanchang ranked 974 in the world in terms of air quality (PM10 concentration) and ranked 10th in China’s major cities in terms of air quality. Monitoring shows that in the first half of this month, except for the 11th, the air quality was good, the other 14 days were polluted weather, of which the 5th to 8th were heavily polluted

at the same time, in many cities, microblogs and tea shops are full of rumors of “Pop Watch” and greetings of “pro, have you bought a mask?”. Sunshine, air and water are the three elements of life, which are destined to be the things that people have no place to escape. Today, it seems to be an urgent public responsibility to provide people with clean and hygienic air. The haze will dissipate sooner or later, but in the future, will it come as scheduled? The author thinks that to improve air quality, we can not only rely on “a gust of wind”, let alone “forget the pain after the scar is healed”

What’s wrong with our air? This is a scientific proposition. The aggravation of pollution and the butterfly effect of ecology may become the poisonous and harmful dust today The headline of “news broadcast” focuses on haze, which on the one hand shows the people’s livelihood thinking of CCTV news broadcast, on the other hand, it also shows the severity of haze weather and the bad impact on citizens’ health. Relevant data show that haze is harmful to human body after inhaling into people’s respiratory tract, and even can be fatal

in my opinion, for the moment, the most important thing is not to trace the source, but the following three questions: first, is the city’s information release mechanism “when it’s time to move”? The haze is stagnant, and environmental problems may evolve into public health events at any time. The information of harmful weather should be conveyed to the public as soon as possible. With the help of SMS, microblog, radio, television, community publicity and other network platforms, the real weather situation can be informed and the public’s prevention ability can be improved. 1t’s better to plan ahead than to deal with it hastily afterwards

how to reduce haze? 1n my opinion, the key lies in the awareness and attitude of each citizen to haze. To fight against haze, first, we need ideological education and guidance. We need to make managers and citizens realize that haze is a disaster and a poison to our health. We must clearly realize that if we do not control pollution and ignore pollution, we are doing the killers of people’s health. 1t is necessary to form a consensus among the whole people that driving one more day means polluting more air and harming a group of people. 1f you can not drive, you will not drive. Our managers and every citizen should clearly realize their social responsibility and stop being an accomplice to the “haze disaster”. The second is the enforcement measures, which must be very strict

the author believes that this kind of compulsory measures should stipulate that as long as there is haze weather, the travel of public cars and private cars should be restricted. At the same time, the management of other pollution emissions should be upgraded and prohibited, which should become a basic social rule. Doing so is not only conducive to reducing emissions, but also conducive to reducing traffic accidents, which is good for the environment, 1t’s a big thing for the safety of the country

the more haze blots out the sun, the more nostalgic the wind is, the air is cool, the sky is high and the clouds are light. Reducing haze is not only the responsibility of the government, but also the obligation of citizens. 1f you drive less and waste less resources, the sky will be bright and fresh. 1n the face of fog and haze, 1 hope we don’t just burn gas masks

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