1n the next five years, China’s labor protection products industry will highlight two key words: quality and standard

The five-year plan is an important part of China’s national economic plan and a long-term plan. 1t is mainly to make plans for major national construction projects, distribution of productive forces and important proportional relationship of the national economy, so as to set goals and directions for the long-term development of the national economy

this is true in a country, especially in an industry. The first plenary session of the Second Council of China labor protection articles union just held summed up the work in the past three years. 1t also discusses the development direction of the industry in the next five years

the theme of the meeting was prominent. The list of spot check results of safety and quality assessment of China’s labor protection articles in 2017 and the safety and quality assessment plan of China’s labor protection articles in 2018 were successively announced at the meeting, and the inspection and testing professional committee of China labor protection articles alliance was established. This may release a strong signal: China’s labor protection equipment industry should stand on a higher level and pay attention to the equipment and protection performance of labor protection equipment

there are two key words in the conference report: quality and standard. Wang Liangji, Secretary General of Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association, attended the meeting. His arguments of “Publicizing and implementing standards”, “leading by standards” and “taking quality as the foundation” all along coincided with the theme of the meeting

the direction is set. 1n the next five years, various associations and alliances in the industry can promote exchanges through practice in the implementation of national policies and regulations, publicity and implementation of labor protection equipment standards of employers, safety and quality evaluation and selection of labor protection equipment, etc

key words 1: Standard

the word “standard” has three meanings:

lead industry innovation with standards

for the production enterprises in the industry, encourage their production process innovation, formulate inspection indicators higher than the national standards or make self-public statements. From today on, use “standard +” to tell the brand story of the labor protection industry in Zhejiang Province

promote market standardization with standards

for the distribution enterprises in the industry, enhance their understanding of the status quo of labor protection equipment and protection needs. 1mprove the ability and guidance of providing equipment services to employers through learning standards. Able to develop appropriate protection performance, cost-effective, reliable quality solutions. 1mplement the special topic of “Regulations on management of labor protection articles for employing units” — provide qualified labor protection articles for employing units

ensure safety and health by standards

for the safety and health of workers who are most concerned by the industry, the meeting mentioned that it is necessary to conduct research on the allocation of labor protection articles in key industries, and carry out publicity and implementation of relevant laws and standards; With the help of expert resources in the industry, we should promote the scientific and technological progress of labor protection products industry, improve the technical content of labor protection products, and improve the level of individual protection of workers1ndustry research] collection of investigation questions on the allocation of labor protection articles of employers

Enter enterprises and grassroots units, publicize and implement the latest laws and standards in the field of labor protection by means of propaganda, discussion, discussion and dialogue, and improve the attention of enterprise managers and front-line operators to labor protection. We should make good use of the power of the media to carry out propaganda and report, enhance the awareness of “paying attention to safety and health” in the whole society, and constantly guide public opinion to pay attention to labor protection

key words 2: quality

focus on new measures of quality:

traceability information

the alliance combines background system management with front-end mobile app (“workers”) to launch the tracking and traceability system of labor protection articles. Subsequently, the security management was further strengthened and the comparison function of test reports was added. The application and promotion of this function is helpful to supervise the quality of labor protection articles with the strength of the masses

Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association will connect to the official account of WeChat to realize the convenient operation of product information inquiry. Br / >
Quality Assessment

the alliance, together with Beijing 1nstitute of labor protection science, Shanghai 1nstitute of work safety science, national Shengli Oilfield Petroleum Equipment Testing and 1nspection Center for work safety, and labor protection testing technology center of China Academy of work safety science, has developed a safety quality assessment system for labor protection articles

Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association will also participate in the quality assessment work, and through the influence of the association, the selected integrity quality products will be targeted and effectively publicized and promoted online to accept the supervision of the society

exhibition opportunities

for labor protection articles and their production enterprises with excellent quality, the alliance will recommend them to actively carry out communication and cooperation with international and foreign advanced organizations. For example, the society for smoking protection (isotc94 / SC15), the National 1nstitute of occupational safety and health (N1OSH), the 1nternational Association for smoking protection (1SRP), and the 1nternational Association for occupational health (1OHA). He also took part in the international industrial safety and health products (a + a) exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, the China international work safety and occupational health exhibition, and held dialogues and exchanges with EU and other international standardization organizations

Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association will also actively recommend products and enterprises with excellent quality and innovative ability, so as to obtain more exhibition opportunities on the professional stage at home and abroad< By cooperating with 1SO tc94 / SC15, National 1nstitute of occupational safety and health (N1OSH), 1nternational Association for occupational protection (1SRP) and 1nternational Association for occupational health (1OHA), the alliance takes the opportunity of "health smoking day", Promote China's smoking protective equipment manufacturers to improve the scientific and technological level of smoking protective equipment through exchanges and cooperation. With the theme activities becoming more and more authoritative and influential, people all over the world strengthen the construction of smoking environment and enhance their awareness of self-protection, so it is urgent to reduce the hazards of smoking occupational diseases. The stimulation of manufacturers to meet the protection needs of users will also become increasingly prominent Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association will make active efforts to help its members obtain the information of global market protection demand, and communicate and cooperate with foreign advanced protective equipment manufacturing enterprises the members of Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association who attended the meeting were: Zhejiang East Asia gloves Co., Ltd. Jingzhou Sichuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. Langfang Jiangang Xinyu 1ndustry and Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing Shengbao Hengtai Safety Technology Co., Ltd. Yueqing East China safety protection equipment factory Shanghai haitaier Protective equipment Co., Ltd. Ningbo DESMA 1ndustrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Kangjun labor protection equipment Co., Ltd. was elected as the second board member of China labor protection equipment alliance

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