1n the next ten years, Henan clothing industry will show a diversified pattern

as an important symbol of the changes of the times, clothing records the face of history in a non textual way. 1n the past 30 years, the change of Henan people’s clothing consumption reflects the unprecedented improvement in material and spiritual aspects. 1n the next decade, with the acceleration of urbanization in Henan Province, the urban population will increase sharply, and the domestic consumption will set off wave after wave. The post-80s and post-90s young people will become the main force of clothing consumption. The huge domestic demand market will give birth to the giant enterprises in China’s clothing industry. Just like gap, Zara and H & M, both scale and brand influence have become the symbol of national clothing

at present, China has become the world’s largest clothing producer, exporter and consumer. 1ts clothing industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy, an important livelihood industry and an industry with international competitive advantage. 1n the past, China’s clothing industry was mainly distributed in coastal areas. 1n recent years, the shortage of resources and rising labor costs have brought great pressure to the clothing industry in coastal areas. Especially under the influence of last year’s global financial crisis, the trend of clothing industry’s transfer to the central and western regions has accelerated significantly. 1n the next 10 years, the development of Henan’s clothing industry will be in full bloom, and the diversified development of the clothing industry will become an indisputable fact. 1t is possible to produce a number of high-end clothing brands. This is because Henan has the soil to breed super large-scale clothing Giants:

first, Henan has rich clothing labor resources. Henan is the most populous province in China. With the promotion of China’s urbanization in the next decade, a large number of rural youth with primary education will leave the land to live in the city and provide labor resources for the city< Second, Henan clothing industry has a good industrial base and scale effect. Zhengzhou pants industry cluster has formed a group advantage with mengshuya, Yalida, Yiyang, Dusen, deyiston as brand effect" Zhengzhou pants industry "has become a shining city card of Zhengzhou driven by the pants industry, Henan Provincial clothing association actively guides women’s wear to look around the world and implement the brand strategy, so the development of women’s wear in Henan is springing up. Today, ten years later, a number of alliance leaders and “Mountain King” women’s clothing benchmarking enterprises will appear in Henan thirdly, clothing supporting resources are gradually improved and concentrated. Under the active guidance and integration of Henan clothing association, we will form a clothing supporting resource center with Zhengzhou as the center, introduce and integrate fashion, design and R & D institutions, build a clothing information processing center, a large flour and accessories distribution center, and various clothing processing and matching mechanisms, which will provide great convenience for the operation of Henan clothing enterprises Fourth, strong support from government departments. The governments of Henan Province and Zhengzhou City clearly stipulate that clothing should be regarded as the pillar industry of Henan economy. Therefore, a series of supporting policies have been issued according to the current development conditions of clothing in Henan Province, it is very likely that there will be super large clothing enterprises in the next ten years. The goal of Henan clothing association is: by 2020, the number of clothing enterprises is expected to increase from 8000 to 23000, and the proportion of Enterprises above Designated Size will be increased to half. Henan has achieved a total output of 3 billion garment sets, a revenue of more than 650 billion yuan, and an export earnings of more than 3 billion US dollars. 1n the aspect of brand building, efforts should be made to increase 40 famous brands in Henan on the basis of the existing ones, and create 30-40 large-scale garment enterprises that have won Chinese famous brands and Chinese famous trademarks, so that China’s gap, Zara or H & M will appear in Henan, and the fact that “Zhengzhou is seen from China’s pants industry” will become “Henan is seen from China’s clothing industry”, so as to realize the leap forward development of Henan’s garment industry

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