1n winter, love is sent to sanitation workers

At two o’clock yesterday afternoon, at the red flag square on the East Street of Zhengzhou City, a “long dragon” of love materials such as quilts, gloves, masks and hand cream was set up on the ground

“this glove is of good quality!”” Lu Baogang, deputy director of Zhengzhou Municipal Construction Administration Bureau, together with Xia Yousheng, deputy director of a newspaper media center and director of the social department, distributed warm gifts to more than 50 environmental sanitation workers on the spot and delivered love to the enterprise: 100 quilts from the Central Plains Business Department of Greenland Group; 500 pairs of masks, 500 pairs of gloves and 3 cases of hand cream from Henan Shangshang culture media Co., Ltd

Wei Wei’s hometown ‘? 1s that the author who wrote “who is the most lovely person” 1nside the garden, a citizen saw the plaque of “Wei Wei’s hometown” hanging on the archway, asked his companions, looked at the love materials on the ground and said: “today, a newspaper is the” most lovely person. “

Lu Baogang said that in addition to the items distributed on site, the remaining materials will be distributed to the sanitation workers in 9 offices and 11 units, including the health team and garbage collection and transportation company

[repercussions] CCTV has paid close attention to the environmental sanitation workers in Zhengzhou

since January 14, the newspaper has published the special action of “warm customization” for three consecutive days, proposing to “customize warmth” for the environmental sanitation workers, which has also attracted CCTV’s attention. Yesterday noon, CCTV “news 30 minutes” reported the sanitation workers in Zhengzhou

“they get up early and work late. You can see them when you go back late or go to work early. But while they are working hard, they are faced with great security risks. ” CCTV news anchor said

CCTV reported that two environmental sanitation workers were hit in Urumqi, Xinjiang and Jilin City, Jilin Province. According to the report, some of the environmental sanitation workers were hit because of poor driving skills or insufficient attention when driving

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