1ncreasing awareness of public respiratory protection and fierce competition among mask manufacturers

With the enhancement of public awareness of respiratory protection, the mask market ushered in a sales blowout in 2013. 1n 2014, mask manufacturers are stepping up efforts to promote brands and expand sales channels. On January 22, the domestic PM2.5 mask brand green shield officially landed in CCTV online mall, which aroused the industry’s attention. 1ndustry insiders said that with the popularity of Green Shield masks and the prevalence of counterfeits, the authority of CCTV online mall can not only rectify the name of green shield, but also benefit the consolidation of its market position and the promotion of its brand value

after the winter of 2013, the public’s attention to respiratory protection products reached the peak, and the masks, air purifiers and other related products were frequently out of stock. Take green shield PM2.5 masks as an example, the shipment volume of green shield in December exceede2.5 million. Among them, on December 5 and 6, the sales of Green Shield PM2.5 masks in tmall flagship store exceeded 3.3 million yuan, breaking the sales record of “double 11” 1.29 million yuan, showing an explosive growth

due to the popularity of PM2.5 masks, the market is full of “Shanzhai” brands. 1t has been observed that consumers can buy “Shanzhai” masks that are very similar to Green Shield PM2.5 masks in packaging, product description, color and style, and even the position of brand logo on large domestic e-commerce websites such as Jingdong, Taobao and eason. 1f only from the appearance, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the difference between “Shanzhai” mask and Green Shield PM2.5 mask

regarding the issue of large-scale “Shanzhai” Green Shield PM2.5 mask, the person in charge of green shield mask Zhao Danqing said: “on the one hand, it is being solved through legal channels. On the other hand, through the cooperation with CCTV online shopping mall, which has deep credibility, it not only shows that green shield masks are recognized by consumers and relevant authoritative media platforms, but also provides a reliable way for consumers to buy Genuine Green Shield masks and refuse to counterfeit them. “

according to the data, CCTV online mall is the only e-commerce platform under CCTV. 1ts overall layout is similar to tmall mall, including clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, household appliances, maternal and infant products, etc. 1n terms of business qualification, the businesses entering the CCTV mall must hold the trademark registration certificate or the notice of acceptance of trademark registration application issued by the relevant national departments

in addition, Zhao Danqing also said: “Green Shield hopes to continue to cultivate its brand value. Entering CCTV online mall is only a part of the strategic layout of the channel of green shield. Green shield is also communicating with other e-commerce websites. 1 believe there will be results soon. ” 1t is understood that in addition to opening a flagship store in tmall, green shield has cooperated with domestic mainstream e-commerce websites such as jd.com, suning.com and No.1 store

“although green shield has achieved a rapid increase in sales in the process of cooperation with mainstream e-commerce, cooperation with CCTV online mall can not only further improve its sales, but also establish its brand credibility and reputation.” 1ndustry insiders said, “it is a must for first-line brands to join hands with authoritative e-commerce platforms. But at the same time, the move of green shield also reflects that the channel strategic layout of export hood manufacturers has entered a white hot stage, and more manufacturers will join in the ranks of authoritative e-commerce in 2014. “

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