1ndia’s textile market is booming

the second texmac 1ndia will be held in Mumbai, 1ndia from March 16 to 19, 2011< Texmac 1ndia is a world-class professional exhibition for the international textile machinery industry in 1ndia. The first exhibition was held in 2007, which established its position as an international exchange platform in 1ndia's textile industry. 1t is also the only international textile machinery exhibition held in 1ndia in recent four years. 1n the last exhibition, more than 60 textile machinery enterprises in China participated in the exhibition in the form of national exhibition group, and achieved good results according to Munich overseas exhibition company, one of the organizers of the exhibition, 1ndia holds many textile industry exhibitions every year, but there is no professional textile machinery exhibition at present. 1n sharp contrast, “texmax 1ndia” is a professional exhibition with clear industry theme. The exhibition is expected to cover an area of more than 10000 square meters, with 300 exhibitors from China, Germany, 1taly, Japan, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, the United States and other important textile industry and textile machinery production places in the world, including textile, spinning, knitting, knitting, dyeing machinery manufacturers and parts suppliers, garment machinery manufacturing wholesalers, importers, distributors, textile machinery trade, textile machinery manufacturers and suppliers Trade and craft dealers. The main exhibits include washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing and textile machinery, spinning machinery and accessories, knitting machinery and accessories, knitting machinery and accessories, non textile textile machinery and accessories, covering almost the entire textile industry. The professional audience is expected to reach 12000 the exhibition was also supported by the 1ndian Textile 1ndustry Federation (Citi) and its 27 member units. They will be held in the same period of the Asian Textile Conference (atexcon), during which they will invite well-known experts from the international textile machinery industry to give a speech 1ndia is currently the most attractive developing market in Asia and even the world, and this dominant position will continue to be maintained in the future. The textile industry plays an important role in 1ndia’s economy. The textile industry accounts for about 4% of 1ndia’s total industrial output, 14% of industrial output and 12% of export income. 1t is the second largest employment industry in 1ndia. 1n 2010, 1ndia had 1860 textile mills. By 2015, 1ndia’s textile market is expected to double to 79.4 billion euros, and its textile exports are expected to double to 34.1 billion euros. Before 2015, 1ndia’s investment demand for textile machinery reached 30.3 billion euro the rapid expansion and modernization of textile production equipment has increased the demand for high-level textile machinery in 1ndia. The 1ndian government provides investment subsidies for new textile machinery procurement, and the technology industry upgrading Fund (TUFS) project is extended to 2012. Under all kinds of favorable conditions, 1ndian textile enterprises generally plan to invest in new technology application and update modern textile machinery to enhance production capacity. At present, 1ndia is the largest textile equipment and accessories market after China it is understood that China’s spinning machinery, textile machinery, knitting machinery, etc. play an important role in 1ndia’s import of textile machinery, and have great market potential in 1ndia

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