1ndian Federation of industry and Commerce holds seminar on protective and flame retardant textiles

the Ministry of textile and F1CC1 jointly held a seminar on “strengthening the relationship between government, industry and consumer in textile protection”. Senior officials from the central and state governments will speak at the seminar. More than 100 delegates from defense, police, security, regulatory agencies, national government, hotels, hotels and all walks of life attended the seminar

in 1ndia, protective textiles is a rapidly growing industry, with an annual growth rate of 9-10% in the next five years. The domestic market of protective textiles will increase from rs. 1259 million in 2007-08 to rs. 20 million in 2012-12. Protective textiles include textiles and clothing, which use materials that protect the wearer and user from harmful chemicals, extreme temperatures (high and low temperatures), and provide bulletproof protection. Flame retardant clothing, jacket, bulletproof clothing, high visibility clothing, and so on, these are protective textile products

the purpose of this seminar is to bring consumers, suppliers and regulators in the field of public safety together to understand each other’s needs and concerns. 1n 1ndia, the use of these protective textiles is very limited, far below the market potential of 1ndia, mainly due to the lack of awareness of many consumer groups. At the same time, different from developed countries, there is no mandatory standard for textiles used in public places / buildings in 1ndia. Therefore, most public places still do not use flame retardant textiles. Therefore, the risk faced by the public is very high. Although 1ndia has made some rules and regulations (especially in terms of flame retardancy), the amount of protective textiles is still far from enough. Therefore, there is an urgent need to promote the development of this industry and encourage the use of protective textiles

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