1nferior rubber gloves cause cancer?

Recently, some netizens exposed the news that “inferior rubber gloves can cause cancer” on Weibo, saying that inferior rubber gloves are mostly processed with recycled rubber, and most of the raw materials are recycled industrial rubber, which can cause cancer after long-term use

for gloves of different prices, the merchants said that there were only differences in thickness and size, and there were no quality problems

in fact, whether it’s natural rubber or not can’t be seen. 1t can only be burned. One kind of rubber gloves is natural rubber, the other is low-cost synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber contains volatile substances such as “benzene”, which is easy to enter the body from the skin through volatilization, causing pathological changes of human liver and other organs. 1f there is smoke when ignition, it is synthetic rubber, which contains benzene ring and more harmful substances. When natural rubber is burned, the smoke is very light, very little. “

it is better to choose gloves with smooth surface and marked with natural rubber or silicone rubber. 1n the process of using such gloves, there are few harmful substances that can percolate out, so the dosage should be said to be safe

however, experts also said that rubber gloves should never come into contact with food during use, especially oily food, otherwise it is easy to cause the leakage of toxic and harmful substances

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