1nfluence of vibration on human body and protective measures

The influence of vibration on human body is divided into whole body vibration and local vibration. The whole body vibration is caused by the vibration source (vibration machinery, vehicle, active working platform) passing through the supporting parts of the body (feet and buttocks) to spread the vibration along the lower limbs or trunk. The local vibration is the vibration transmitted to the hands and forearms of the operator through vibration tools, vibration machinery or vibration work pieces

1 adverse effects of whole body vibration on human body

strong whole body vibration may lead to injury or displacement of internal organs, changes of peripheral nerve and vascular function, and cause various types of tissue, biochemical changes, leading to tissue malnutrition, such as foot pain, lower limb fatigue, decreased pulse of foot back, and lower skin temperature; Female workers can have uterine prolapse, spontaneous abortion and abnormal delivery rate increased. General person can produce sexual function to drop, gas metabolizes increase. Vibration acceleration can also cause vestibular dysfunction, leading to the imbalance of inner ear regulation and balance function, such as pale face, nausea, vomiting, cold sweat, headache and dizziness, shallow breathing, decreased heart rate and blood pressure. Carsickness and seasickness are vibration diseases of the whole body. Whole body vibration can also cause lumbar spine injury and other motor system effects

2 adverse effects of local vibration on human body

strong vibration in local contact is mainly by hand contact with vibration tools. Due to different working conditions, vibration can be transmitted to one or both arms, sometimes to the shoulder. The long-term continuous use of vibration tools can cause the disturbance of peripheral circulation, peripheral nerve and bone joint muscle movement system. 1n severe cases, it can cause the national legal occupational disease local vibration disease. Local vibration disease is also called occupational Raynaud phenomenon, vibration vascular neuropathy or vibration white finger disease. 1t is mainly due to the long-term low frequency and large amplitude vibration of the human body, which leads to the disorder of autonomic nerve function and changes of skin vibration receptor and peripheral vascular circulation function. Over time, a series of pathological changes may appear. 1n the early stage, acromegaly and hypoesthesia of vibration may appear. The chief complaints of hand symptoms were hand numbness, hand pain, hand swelling, cold hands, palmar hyperhidrosis and hand pain, which mostly occurred at night; The second is hand stiffness, hand tremor, hand weakness (mostly after work), finger cold ischemia white, severe vasospasm is obvious. X-ray showed bone and joint changes

3 factors influencing vibration action

the frequency, amplitude and acceleration of vibration are the main factors of vibration action on human body. 1n addition, temperature (especially cold), noise, contact time, body position and posture, individual differences, hardness of processed parts, impact force and tension and other factors can affect the effect of vibration on human body< The most fundamental measure of vibration control is to control or eliminate the vibration source from the production process< 2) adopt automatic and semi-automatic control devices to reduce vibration< 3) improve the vibration equipment and tools, reduce the vibration intensity, or reduce the weight of hand-held vibration tools, so as to reduce the muscle load and static tension< 4) reform the pneumatic tools, change the direction of the exhaust outlet and fix the tools< 5) reform the working system, assign special personnel to maintain and repair the aircraft in time< 6) vibration isolation measures (rubber vibration damping layer, cork vibration damping cushion, glass fiber felt vibration damping cushion and composite vibration isolation device) shall be taken on the floor and equipment foundation 7) reasonable distribution of personal protective equipment, such as vibration proof warm gloves, etc< 8) control the temperature of workshop and working place to keep above 16 ℃< 9) establish a reasonable labor system, adhere to the work break and regular rotation system, in order to facilitate the recovery of organ system function 10) strengthen technical training and reduce the static operation component in the operation 11) health care measures: adhere to the pre employment physical examination, and those with employment contraindications can not engage in the work; Regular physical examination should be carried out for the workers to find the workers injured by vibration as soon as possible, and appropriate preventive measures should be taken to treat the vibration patients in time copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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