1nheriting craftsman spirit and creating new classics

1n Ningbo at the end of the 19th century, no one knows about the “old three entrants”. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, the successor of the “old three in”, inherits the fine processing, comfort and durability of the family shoe making from generation to generation, and creates a new brand – DESMA. 1n the labor protection products shoe making industry, DESMA integrates tradition and modernization, and shines brilliantly in Dongfang Dagang Ningbo

the name of “Lao San Jin” is “San Jin”, which is the story of Zhang Liang’s shoe throwing test by Huangshi at the end of Qin Dynasty. According to the historical records of liuhou aristocratic family, after sitting on the bridge and throwing his shoes, Huangshi ordered Zhang Liang to pick up his shoes and put them on. He tried his patience and perseverance three times, and finally gave Zhang Liang the “art of war” to help the Han Dynasty destroy the Qin Dynasty. At the beginning, it was named after this historical story, which implied: as long as you take the shoes with an open mind, you will eventually achieve great success” The word “old” means persistence

today’s “deshma” is forging ahead with an open mind and perseverance. 1n 2012, Zhang Huaqin, the son of the founder of “laosanjin”, was born. With the unique keen perspective of young people, he founded Ningbo deshma Shoes Co., Ltd. and entered into the field of labor protection footwear besides leisure shoes. The company’s electric insulation shoes, toe protection safety shoes, anti-static shoes and multi-functional safety shoes are constantly innovated in technology. The company’s first “Pu + rubber” injection molding process, not only opens up a new field of safety shoes production, but also injects fresh blood into the development of safety shoes industry

in a century, the old three entrants are the memories of a generation of Ningbo people, and the spirit of bravery has been supporting them in the rough development process. 1n each pair of shoes, there are many years of painstaking efforts and dedication of the outstanding craftsmen, as well as rich history and stories

the birth and growth of an outstanding brand is inevitable. Only by sticking to the end and never giving up can we achieve a great brand. Deshma will inherit the perseverance of our ancestors and concentrate on making shoes to create a new classic

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