1nnovation management of products and services

Martin Lingke will hold training activities on innovation management of products and services in Shanghai from November 29 to 30, 2012

Course Description:

practical innovation management concept

every organization is fighting for the goal of sustainable organic growth, but understanding some key concepts can start to change all of this:

* focus on the fuzzy frontier of innovation

* adopt organic growth strategy

* develop a balanced portfolio of projects

* understand how humans solve problems

* establish a process for innovation

this course will provide technologies and tools for organic growth – there are more than 30 technologies that make organic growth and innovation a daily occurrence in your organization, which are divided into four key stages

this training will help you in the following aspects:

* establish a conceptual framework for innovation. 1nnovation is not completely random and lucky. This training provides a systematic framework to use this resource to create wealth. Work with innovation management tools to fuel sustainable innovation in your organization

* practice proven tools and technologies in management innovation there are more than 30 innovation management tools to manage innovation at different stages, supporting the definition, discovery, development and validation of key concepts in your organization

* improve innovation productivity by cultivating innovation culture. 1nnovation is not just about creating a new product or service. There are many nontechnical deliverable to achieve a successful innovation. Apollo innovation management training defines a complete innovation management process and cultivates the right culture to maximize the organic growth of the organization

who should participate

vice president or vice president of marketing, new product manager, product or brand manager, business development manager, strategic planner, designer, engineer, market analyst, sales director or vice president, engineering / research and development vice president or director

Raina Cheng


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