1nnovation promotes the overall improvement of domestic textile technology

from the first domestic replacement of imported accessories to the export of shedding devices, and then to fill the domestic gap again and again, it has become one of the largest professional R & D and production bases in China engaged in shedding devices of water jet looms, air-jet looms and rapier looms

“Niupai” came out of a small family workshop in a remote village. With such a strong momentum, “Niupai” just left a wonderful pen in the history of China’s textile machinery development

a chance “try” to find a gap in the market

when the reporter drove to the company gate, a bull carving came into his eyes, and he felt a rush of strength” At that time, 1 worked as a technician in a textile machinery parts factory run by the village. Due to the system transformation, 1 resigned. ” When the reporter walked into the office of chairman Liu Qunxin, he introduced himself. Although he later founded a plush toy factory, he was unwilling to leave his major

once on a business trip to Suzhou, he saw Dongwu silk weaving factory on the bus and his heart brightened” Such a large textile enterprise definitely needs textile machinery accessories. ” So he found the person in charge of this enterprise four times, and now this enterprise is worried about importing the parts of water jet loom” China is actively introducing foreign shuttleless looms to promote the development mode of China’s textile industry. However, if a part is broken, the textile factory has to go through very complicated customs declaration procedures, and it takes at least three months to purchase and repair parts from abroad. Moreover, the price is not cheap, and textile enterprises are suffering. ” Liu Qunxin also learned that large domestic enterprises are unwilling to do these equipment parts, but small factories cannot. This gives him a big inspiration, market gap” 1 study mechanical design. 1 can draw and design. Let me have a try. ” Although the other party was suspicious, he was finally moved by his sincerity

small parts also have great development. With this belief, Liu Qunxin borrowed money from all over the world to buy equipment and find people to help him. He did not have electricity to generate his own power, and he worked in his own yard without land. 1n this way, his rural family workshop began to work. Heaven rewards diligence. With his professional knowledge and the quality of imported parts as the standard, the parts produced by Liu Qunxin are very popular in textile mills. Since then, it has filled the gap of foreign shuttleless loom parts in China

an innovative “bull’s force” to seize the technical blank

“the current loom shedding device is our leading product, and all products are high-tech products of” high-tech transformation of traditional industries “. However, there is no innovation of a bull, where the fruits of joy. When it comes to the research and development of the positive cam opening device of water jet loom, Liu Qunxin is still full of emotion

once, he found a peach dish part on the floor of an enterprise workshop. With years of experience in parts development and design, he asked the workshop director for advice on its use, but the other party only knew one of them, not the other. What is the function of this part? With this problem, Liu Qunxin came to Zhenya group in Suzhou and found an old expert. He told Liu Qunxin that this is the cam wheel with negative cam opening on air-jet looms, but it is still blank for water jet looms to use this opening mechanism. Once this device is used, the textile machinery can produce twill and forged fabrics, 1n the past, only simple plain weave can be made by direct opening. Therefore, with the help of the old expert of Zhenya group, the company began to tackle the application of negative cam opening in water jet looms

a batch of samples were lobbied for trial, rewriting the domestic textile history

“it’s very difficult to manufacture the shedding device, and there are only six such devices in China, and very few people accept them.” Technical director Liu Xiaoxin told reporters. At this time, there are many discussions within the company. Some people waver and consume too much energy and material resources. The final result is still unknown. Nevertheless, Niupai people always believe that they may succeed if they do it, but they will never succeed if they don’t

without experience, mature parts and advanced equipment, Niupai people grope forward step by step” All parts are designed and produced by ourselves. As the company’s lathes, milling machines and planers are very old, and there is a big gap in accuracy and reliability, we decided to commission production. ” Just one clamping screw often breaks, so they import it from Taiwan and entrust it to an ordnance factory in Guizhou. They can’t use it. Later, the company entrusted local enterprises to do it, but it still could not meet the requirements. Finally, the screw was made according to its own design standards. After two years of research and development, the prototypes were tested and improved again and again. Finally, the first batch of five prototypes officially went to the market, but there was no market demand. The company lobbied door to door, and finally a textile enterprise in Liyang agreed to try them out. After half a month’s trial, the enterprise found that the plain weave loom can indeed save two-thirds of the cost after the transformation. The news spread and many enterprises rushed to buy it

independent innovation has filled the gap in the domestic market, changed the face of the weaving industry, and promoted the technological progress of China’s entire textile industry. Now, Niupai is marching forward with a strong momentum

correspondent Bai Li Wang Hao reporter Wu Zhongxiang / photo

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