1nnovative marketing concept of safety shoes industry

Under the condition of buyer’s market, the marketing idea is destined to be consumer centered and to meet the needs of consumers as the starting point. However, in different historical stages, the needs of consumers, especially the core needs, are often different. Therefore, the connotation of marketing concept should also change. At present, domestic consumers have completed the historical transformation from “product buyers” to “demand satisfiers”. 1n the information age, consumers have changed from “demand satisfiers” to “value creators”. Naturally, this transformation should be taken as the basic starting point to construct the marketing concept in the information age

the economic theory of traditional marketing management is based on the theory of manufacturer, that is, the maximization of enterprise profits. The actual decision-making process is a one-way chain of market research marketing strategy marketing strategy reverse marketing control; 1nstead of integrating customers into the whole marketing decision-making process, it puts the profits of manufacturers above the satisfaction of consumers. For the safety shoes industry, consumers in the traditional economic system can only meet their needs by purchasing the products produced by the safety shoes manufacturers. Although this product is developed after the market survey of the safety shoes manufacturers, it is not designed for the individual needs of every consumer, so the consumers can not meet their needs, 1t’s just a satisfaction under constraints

in the information age, consumers have the initiative to choose. They can carry out two-way and comprehensive information communication with any enterprise in cyberspace in a very short time and at a low cost. This is beyond the traditional economic system. Consumers do not choose between the products and services that safety shoe manufacturers can produce. On the contrary, what products safety shoe manufacturers should produce and operate depends on consumers’ choice. Consumers have enough convenience to integrate their cognition of life and the world, emotional and emotional experience, as well as moral concepts and value orientation into the choice of products, purchasing behavior and consumption mode. 1n the virtual network world, consumers are not buying products, or even simply seeking to meet their needs. 1n an era of allowing full self-expression, consumers have regarded purchase as an important way to reflect their own value criteria and realize their value pursuit

therefore, in the face of the “value seekers” in the information age, the general sense of meeting the needs has been unable to fundamentally solve the problem. Only based on the center of customer value and helping them to realize their value pursuit, can Shixing safety shoes manufacturers effectively meet the diverse needs of customers and ultimately achieve their own development

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