1nspection and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment

(1) 1nspection of respiratory protective equipment

before and after wearing the respirator, check whether the protective equipment components are complete and whether there is any aging phenomenon, and timely replace the invalid breathing and suction valves, headbands, sealing gaskets, etc; 1f the mask is damaged, it should be replaced in time; 1t is not allowed to fill the activated carbon filter box or tank by itself; Self assembly of respiratory protective equipment is not allowed< (2) the treatment of respiratory protective equipment after use is an extremely important work for the management of respirator. The respirator should be restored to the working preparation state no matter what time is early or late or the degree of fatigue, and the following requirements should be noted: 1. The absorbent must be replaced for the used purification tank. The purification tank can not be cleaned to avoid accelerated corrosion

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