1nspection and testing system of protective clothing for special operation

According to the regulations on the administration of labor protection articles, the State implements the production license system for special labor protection articles. The qualified national quality supervision and 1nspection Center for labor protection articles shall be responsible for the quality inspection of products applying for production license and imported labor protection articles

special labor protective clothing mainly includes flame retardant protective clothing, anti-static work clothing and acid proof work clothing, and the production license system is strictly implemented. Product sampling and inspection is one of the important links to obtain production license. 1n our daily inspection, often due to the sample does not meet the requirements or the lack of information provided by the manufacturer, delay the inspection cycle, and even lead to the comprehensive determination of unqualified products. For example: the finished clothing is not sewn according to the requirements of the special protective clothing, the clothing has no trademark, the logo content is incomplete, the finished clothing stitches and accessories are not matched, and there is no finished clothing in the samples submitted for inspection, etc. Therefore, the quality of sampling and testing can be guaranteed only by standardizing the inspection and testing of labor protective clothing, making the manufacturer know the sampling and testing requirements of production license certification product inspection and the basic specifications of inspection

1. General requirements

sampling and inspection shall be conducted in accordance with the sampling principles stipulated by the National Office of work safety license for labor protection articles. 1n addition to the necessary conditions required by the certification procedure, the manufacturer should also do the following:

1. The manufacturer should be familiar with the following standards and make special labor protective clothing according to the requirements of the standards to ensure that the products meet the standards

gb8965-1998 flame retardant protective clothing

GB12012-1989 acid proof work clothing

gb12013-1989 acid proof work clothing performance test method

gb12014-1989 anti static work clothing

gb13640-1991 labor protective clothing size

< FZ / t8001-1994 single clothing for men and women 1f the manufacturer does not understand the corresponding standards, but only purchases flame-retardant, anti-static or acid proof clothing materials and sews the clothing according to the requirements of general work clothes, it can not meet the special performance requirements of special labor protection clothing, and the product quality can not be guaranteed

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