1nspection of safety helmet production enterprises in Anhui Province

Since the beginning of this year, according to the requirements of the State Administration of work safety on the sampling and inspection of protective articles, Anhui Provincial Bureau of work safety has organized experts to carry out the sampling and inspection on the safety helmet production enterprises that have obtained the safety mark certificate of special labor protection articles in Anhui Province

in accordance with the requirements of the notice on carrying out the inspection of safety helmet manufacturers’ product sealing samples in 2013 (Wan’an Jian GU1 Han [2013] No. 198), the safety supervision bureaus of Hefei, Chuzhou, Huaibei and Ma’anshan and other relevant cities have carried out the sealing samples of 11 safety helmet manufacturers in their jurisdiction and submitted them for inspection. The main safety protection performance parameters of 11 groups of products can meet the standard requirements, and the qualified rate is 100%. At the same time of sealing samples, all localities carried out on-the-spot inspection on the current situation of labor protection articles in use in metallurgical, chemical, non coal mining and construction industries, corrected the behaviors of not wearing safety helmets according to regulations found in the inspection, and punished the enterprises that sold safety helmets without safety signs in violation of regulations

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