1nspection on construction site and “pulse” on construction safety

1n order to further improve the fire safety work of the construction in progress, avoid the “congenital” fire hazards in the design and construction process of the construction in progress, avoid the occurrence of fire accidents from the source, and spare no effort to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents of the construction in progress. On May 7, Qiaoxi brigade of Shijiazhuang public security fire brigade went deep into the construction site under its jurisdiction to carry out the “door-to-door assistance” action for fire safety, striving to improve the fire safety index

in the process of inspection and guidance, the fire supervisors of the brigade actively put forward legal and constructive suggestions for the project in accordance with the relevant national standards for a construction site that does not meet the requirements of the fire technical specifications within the jurisdiction, and required the construction unit to carry out the construction work in strict accordance with the drawings and rectify it within a time limit. At the same time, it provided on-site guidance services for the problems found in the inspection, put forward specific rectification opinions according to the relevant fire technical specifications, and instructed the person in charge of the construction site to pay attention to the fire safety management of on-site welding and other fire and electricity use, so as to enhance the fire prevention awareness; When encountering problems related to fire safety, we should contact and communicate with the fire department, seek solutions, and effectively put an end to congenital fire hazards

this action further standardized the fire safety management system of construction units; All kinds of hidden dangers and difficult problems existing in the construction of fire-fighting facilities of the projects under construction are eliminated and solved; A number of congenital fire safety hazards have been eliminated in time, the fire safety awareness of workers in construction has been further improved, and the fire safety “firewall” in the jurisdiction has been firmly built

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