1nstructions and precautions for industrial safety helmet


the models of the shell and liner of the safety helmet must match and cannot be used mutually (for example, the shell made of HDPE must use the corresponding liner)

otherwise, the protective ability of safety helmet will be weakened, which may lead to serious casualties


please check whether the safety helmet is worn or damaged before and after each use

cap shell

1 check whether the cap shell is damaged, cracked, cracked or other abnormal conditions

do not use the safety helmet in case of any of the above situations. Any of the above situations indicates that the safety helmet has lost its protection function and can not withstand the impact, penetration or electric shock

the cap liner

1 check whether the cap liner loses elasticity

2 check whether the cap liner is cracked, damaged, broken or peeled

1f any of the above problems are found, please replace the helmet liner before wearing the helmet

safety helmet maintenance

please clean the safety helmet regularly with cleaning disinfectant or neutral soap (non detergent) and warm water

safety helmets must be cleaned regularly to ensure that they are fully inspected. A clean hat lining also helps prevent irritation to the skin

do not throw the helmet or use it as a support. The helmet, like other professional equipment, can not be abused

principle of effective service life

although the safety helmet is made of high-quality and anti-wear materials, it can not be used permanently

check the safety helmet regularly and replace the safety helmet or parts if necessary. Don’t risk your safety

the whole safety helmet must be replaced after two and a half years of use

keep in mind that these are the longest service life. 1f you find any wear or damage during regular inspection, please replace the safety helmet or helmet liner no matter how long it is used

please replace the safety helmet immediately after collision or penetration


failure to comply with these warnings may result in heavy casualties

the helmet only provides limited impact protection and penetration protection to the top of the head

the helmet is not specially designed to protect against front impact, side impact or back impact (i.e. outside). 1n most cases, the helmet can effectively protect against the impact of small tools, bolts, rivets and similar hazards. However, in some cases, it may be beyond the protection of the helmet without serious injury or death. Avoid places where serious collision or penetration may occur

the helmet must be safely and firmly worn on the head, and the chin strap can provide maximum protection

do not store gloves, cigarettes, earplugs, etc. between the helmet liner and the safety helmet shell. Objects in this space can strongly impact the head and neck, causing serious casualties

do not use the helmet as a driving helmet or sports helmet

check the safety helmet before and after each use. Please replace any worn or damaged parts

please do not exceed the validity period of the safety helmet described in these instructions. Please replace the parts or helmet as required

do not change or modify the helmet in any way

do not use paint, solvent or hydrocarbon cleaner (i.e. MEK, diluent, gasoline, kerosene) on the helmet. These can cause damage that is not easily detected

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