1nstructions and precautions for use of antistatic finger cover?

1t is made of antistatic adhesive and latex, without silicone oil and ammoniate. Surface resistance: & lt; 10 to the 10th power, effectively prevent static electricity

it is suitable for operating electrostatic sensitive parts, strictly controlling electrostatic generation and low dust treatment, and is suitable for use in purification room

special cleaning treatment reduces the content of ions, residues, micro dust and other pollutants. Average surface resistivity: initial voltage: 10kV x 30 seconds, final voltage: 0V. Speed: ≤ 1.25 seconds

under the conditions of 26% and 45% relative humidity, storage conditions: low temperature, dry, dark.

technical data of antistatic finger sleeve

resistivity: the 8th power of 10 — the 10th power of 10; Color: black, beige and pink (beige is more commonly used); 1440 capsules / Pack: avoid skin allergy, prevent fingertip perspiration from contaminating the components, fingertip ultra-thin is conducive to flexible operation of fingers, internal appropriate tightening design to avoid finger fatigue, economical and applicable. And it can safely discharge the human body static charge brought by the operator

it is suitable for semiconductor industry, electronic factory, photoelectric industry, medicine, laboratory and other fields


1. Wear it when picking laver moss, Artemisia selengensis, Schizonepeta tenuifolia and other colored vegetables to prevent hands from being stained by vegetable juice; When peeling peanuts, peas and other shelled food, wear it to prevent hands from being worn

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