1ntelligent fire helmet coming out soon

According to reports, Hanes Kaufman of Vienna University of technology is studying how to continuously display the oxygen content in the air on the fire helmet display. 1t was originally a by-product of a joint European research project to develop safer textile materials for firefighters. The German Fraunhofer Association and the Aachen University of technology also participated in the study

Austrian scientists continue their research after the joint project, focusing on what meaningful information should be displayed on fire helmets and HMDS, according to the report. Hanes Kaufman of Vienna University of technology is the head of the virtual reality research group of the 1nstitute for software technology and interactive systems. “We used two cameras,” he said An application that displays a three-dimensional image of the fireman’s space taken by a three-dimensional camera. Another thermal imaging camera can use color on the display to remind firefighters of the danger hidden behind the wall. Firefighters can also use it to search for trapped light injured people. All data can be transmitted to the commander outside the fire site in real time< 1t is reported that the technology of this kind of fire helmet is not mature enough to be put into production. But Kaufman speculates that it will be popular in the market. "1n a room full of smoke, people can't see clearly with a three-dimensional camera," Kaufman said "1n this case, to see things clearly, you need a far-infrared laser," he admitted This technology needs to be studied according to the report, technical personnel are studying how to miniaturize the computer equipment carried by firefighters, with the goal of reducing it from the size of laptops to the size of smart phones. The actual measurement will show how much fire information can be processed by the miniaturized equipment China labor insurance net

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