1ntelligent protective clothing against collision porcelain

Athletes may have different degrees of injury in daily training, but some of the injuries are not so obvious. Students of 1mperial College have designed an “injury suit” to help athletes show the degree of injury

the package adopts the pressure sensitive film developed by Fuji company of Japan, which is often used in printing technology. People can use it to detect whether the compressed volume page is uniform. After it is used on clothes, it can sense the injury without entering the body. The diaphragm can form red petals on the injured part. The darker the petals are, the more serious the injury is

British Paralympic team alpine skier Talan Skeels piggins participated in the development of the suit with the students

“Paralympic athletes may face a variety of injury risks in training, such as downhill skiing and wheelchair rugby. 1n addition, they may encounter similar problems in motorcycle competitions. After falling off a motorcycle, athletes may not know whether they are injured. Because of these problems, the R & D team and 1 kept discussing various concepts through e-mail, and finally chose the “injury suit.”

it is understood that the most dangerous place of high paraplegia is autonomic reflex disorder, which may lead to death after long-term uncontrolled blood pressure rise. The most important significance of this suit is to use color to tell the wearer where the injury is. 1n addition, this suit can also know where the wearer has old injuries and what effects these injuries may have. The development team put the diaphragm into the animal’s bones and tested it for impact, looking for fractures or other internal injuries based on the severity of the test

this suit is still in the model stage, and the current form is sewn in the sweat absorbing fabric, but the development team still hopes that the diaphragm can be finally assembled in the helmet or other protective clothing. Skeels piggins also believes that the suit will not only apply to disabled athletes

Yes, these students of imperial technology certainly did not expect that this garment would have a broad market in distant China, and even could be called “divine garment”, because as long as those who have “criminal record” wear it, we can easily judge whether they really fall or “touch porcelain”

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