1nternational testing at home, Wenzhou shoe enterprises more convenient

recently, the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between Wenzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Bivi international inspection group commodity Testing Co., Ltd. and the unveiling ceremony of Wenzhou Branch of Zhejiang Academy of inspection and Quarantine Science and technology were held in Wenzhou Overseas Chinese hotel. The holding of this ceremony marks that Wenzhou shoe enterprises can carry out international high-efficiency testing at their own door after that, instead of going to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places

according to miss sun, head of the foreign trade department of Wenzhou Benz Shoes Co., Ltd., some of the company’s tests were done by mail to relevant organizations in Shanghai in the past, with a cost of more than 100000 yuan a year. The test cycle takes 3-5 days. 1f you can do the test in Wenzhou, it is really convenient for enterprises< 1n the first half of this year, Wenzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau inspected and quarantined 102100 batches of entry-exit goods, with a value of US $3.137 billion, an increase of 31.81% and 30.82% respectively. Jiang Wenhu, director of the Bureau, said that in order to adapt to the rapid growth of inspection and quarantine business, the Bureau has reached a cooperation with Biwei international inspection group to complete the testing business that Wenzhou could not do before. Export enterprises in Wenzhou and its surrounding areas can not only reduce costs and improve product competitiveness, but also get convenient consulting services on laws and regulations and standards

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