1nternational textile and garment union looking for business opportunities in Hangzhou

yesterday afternoon, a group of foreigners came to China Textile City Hangzhou Ruifang united market. The purpose was not to purchase textile raw materials, but to make an investigation. The reporter saw at the scene that there were about 30 foreigners from the United States, Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico and other countries

Lin Huang, deputy general manager of China Textile City Hangzhou Ruifang united market, told reporters that these foreigners are all members of the board of directors of the international clothing Union” We are one of the top textile and garment organizations in the world. A few days ago, they held the annual meeting of the international clothing Union in Hong Kong, and then were invited to inspect the textile market in Hangzhou. Foreigners hope to find good business opportunities in Hangzhou. What they represent is not only the official identity, but also the purchasing capacity and orders of various countries. “

according to the introduction, this international clothing alliance is an organization providing services for entrepreneurs and managers in the global clothing chain. They mainly collect and disseminate information about clothing design, production, distribution, procurement, trade and technology

this is an excellent opportunity for Hangzhou, the “clothing capital”

Mr. Frans Baviera from Spain is a member of the board of directors. After visiting Hangzhou Ruifang market, he felt that he had gained a lot” My other identity is the head of the Spanish textile chamber of Commerce. There are more than 500 garment enterprises under the chamber of Commerce. They have been looking for better sources of goods all over the world and have done business in Shanghai. 1 came to Hangzhou for the first time and found your one-stop purchasing mode very interesting. 1’m very interested. ” Frans Baviera said that many textile raw materials are very expensive in Spain. 1f possible, a purchasing office will be set up in Hangzhou Ruifang united market

Author: Jin Liang

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