1nternet big data promotes MRO supply chain finance of industrial products

What is supply chain finance

supply chain finance is a systematic financing arrangement for all members of the supply chain, which provides customized financial services for the whole chain of the supply chain, designs financing mode according to the chain relationship and industry characteristics formed in the transaction, and provides flexible financial products and services for all members of the supply chain. Through the integration of information, capital, goods, logistics and other resources, we can improve the efficiency of capital use, create value for all parties and reduce risks. This kind of financial service is interspersed in the process of transaction. 1ts main mode is to provide financial services in all aspects of procurement, production and sales with the upstream and downstream of core enterprises as the service object and real transaction as the premise< 1n the era of "1nternet plus", enterprises still face financing difficulties in the "1nternet plus" era. The efficiency of traditional supply chain finance business, the high risk and long cycle of br/>
can not solve the financing problem. With the continuous maturity and development of big data technology, cloud computing, blockchain and other 1nternet technologies, the integration of 1nternet and supply chain will continue to deepen, and data and professional services will be the development trend of supply chain finance in the future. According to the data of foresight.com, the scale of China’s supply chain financial market is expected to reach nearly 20 trillion by 2020

what problems does supply chain finance solve

the financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises has always been a difficult problem in Chinese society. Due to their low credit rating, less collateral such as fixed assets, poor management, and opaque financial information, small and medium-sized enterprises are not favored by banks and other financial institutions. 1n the urgent demand for funds, small and medium-sized enterprises are often difficult to get financial support through normal financing channels. At the same time, the traditional financial risk control only focuses on the review of balance sheet, cash flow statement and profit statement, and there is a lack of necessary communication between banks and enterprises. Generally, banks will not know about the cash management and working capital of enterprises, except for the enterprise information closely managed with their own business. When carrying out the corresponding financing services alone, banks will face great credit risk, and enterprises can’t find more suitable banking products for their own capital situation

with the advent of 1nternet supply chain finance, this situation has been greatly improved. Supply chain finance makes the whole chain form a closed-loop mode, banks can accurately grasp the information of enterprises in each link. The bank provides financial services for its upstream and downstream through the high-quality reputation of the core enterprise, which can avoid the risk coefficient of the enterprise to a certain extent. With the help of banks, enterprises can also integrate business flow, information flow, logistics and capital flow. After receiving the payment from the other party, the enterprise can follow up the logistics in time, so as to realize the high efficiency of fund collection and payment, revitalize the logistics and capital flow of the whole supply chain, and enhance the overall value. 1n the 1nternet supply chain financial platform, after the first process is completed, each loan repayment is completed online in the business cycle. The procedures are simple and the loan is returned as soon as it is borrowed, which greatly reduces the financing cost of small and medium-sized enterprises, improves the capital turnover rate of enterprises, reduces the operating cost, and makes the financing process simpler and faster, and the risk warning more timely

the 1nternet supply chain financial platform breaks the traditional mode of rigid product combination of financial institutions, and can infiltrate financial services into all aspects of business activities on demand, improving service level and shortening service response time. 1nternet supply chain finance not only realizes the online service, 1nternet marketing, workflow standardization and risk control automation, but also constructs an open, interactive and information sharing e-commerce platform for banks, core enterprises and their upstream and downstream, which promotes the operation mode of supply chain greatly, and realizes the integration of suppliers and enterprises through business collaboration The information sharing among purchasers, sellers and consumers can create a complete supply chain financial ecosystem

who controls the ups and downs of supply chain finance

according to statistics, dozens of listed companies have set foot in the supply chain finance business. Driven by various kinds of capital, the market scale of supply chain finance has expanded rapidly. The solution providers of supply chain finance platform are not limited to commercial banks. Trust companies, e-commerce platforms, third-party payment companies, P2P platforms and supply chain professional service companies all participate in the supply chain finance business one after another. Combined with their own business characteristics and industry advantages, they provide online supply chain finance solutions for various industries in different business scenarios. According to reliable sources, the one-stop hardware purchasing mall of South China city network is preparing to lay out the supply chain financial business. 1f the news is true, it will be a great benefit for hardware suppliers, purchasers and even the whole hardware industry, and all members of the supply chain will benefit from it

compared with the large-scale integrated e-commerce, the B2B e-commerce platform built by the core enterprises has the ability to provide more professional data information, establish a more appropriate trading and settlement platform, and integrate the internal trading information and capital flow of the supply chain. 1t is the most convenient way to obtain the financial core information of the supply chain. 1t can connect with the banking system through the trading platform of both the buyer and the seller, Realize the online business and transaction visualization. From the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises, more transparent price comparison conditions and safer capital turnover of online trading platform are also the key factors to attract them. This is consistent with the increasing scale of third-party 1nternet payment in China

e-commerce trading platform has outstanding advantages in creating o2o closed-loop and supply chain finance of sub industries, and will inject new vitality into the industry in the future. Supply chain finance has achieved rapid development while upgrading, and is expected to usher in a golden age of development

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