1nterpretation of revised version of 2019 healthy breathing day (Chengdu) – 2626

“Healthy breathing day 2019” was organized by China labor protection articles Union and organized by the individual protection committee of China Occupational Safety and Health Association. The mandatory national standard “respiratory protection – self priming filter anti particulate respirator” gb2626-201x became the focus of the meeting

adjust the resistance index with scientific methods, unify the detection methods, and improve the comfort of products

adjust the air resistance background: Based on the existing products in the market, reduce the air resistance under the condition of 95% mask products

gb2626-201x, for the adjustment of respiratory resistance, is a kind of compensatory improvement, not the progress of technical level, which truly reflects the actual level of 95% masks on the market. 50-250pa, with an average of 120pa, which also points out the irrationality of the previous test of respiratory resistance. With this adjustment and upgrading, the wearing comfort of the mask will be partially improved

in fact, the respiratory resistance can be reduced even lower. The filtration and respiratory resistance index of class a mask in GB / t132610-2016 is much higher than kn95, and the corresponding inspiratory resistance index is 175pa, which is much lower than 210pa / 250pa of kn95 in the revised gb2626-201x. Therefore, this upgrade of respiratory resistance is a compensatory improvement, not a technical progress< The revised gb2626-201x "respiratory protection - self-priming filter type anti particulate respirator" suggests that Kn90 should be used for general dust, kn95 for welding and kn100 for painting, which is conducive to eliminating the misjudgment of the public on the size of respiratory resistance. The customization of new resistance is close to the product standard of public daily protective masks, 1t has a new interpretation of market expansion and industrial respiratory protection resistance this time, the lower visual field of the half mask is greatly modified, which should take into account the low visual field range brought by the design of the half mask, and the serious problem of substandard products, including some kn100 / kp95 / kp100 disposable masks. The substandard visual field is relatively common. Therefore, the sharp decrease of visual field index this time should make way for this, At the same time, it can reduce respiratory resistance too large filtration surface area will bring good filtration efficiency, at the same time, it will sacrifice the visual field angle, affect the wearing experience, and cause workers’ inconvenience in operation. As for the greatly reduced visual field index, has the actual impact of 35 degree visual field mask on manual operation been tested? Will it reduce work efficiency? 1s it prone to accidents caused by insufficient vision? Further answers from relevant experts are needed source: duoling air

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