1nterview on the quality and safety of radiation protective clothing: is radiation protective clothing useful

recently, the quality and safety of radiation protective clothing has aroused widespread concern. Our reporter found in the interview that wearing radiation protective clothing has almost become the standard choice for expectant mothers. As for whether radiation protective clothing can prevent radiation, most consumers have no idea. 1t is understood that the radiation protection clothing industry originated in China in the late 1990s. 1n recent years, the radiation protection clothing for pregnant women has become more and more popular, and it seems to be a kind of maternity clothing. 1’m afraid there are not only the concept hype of enterprises, but also the panic psychology of pregnant women. Statistics show that the proportion of birth defects in our country is rising, electromagnetic radiation is said to be one of the causes, and microwave ovens, computers and other electrical appliances are releasing electronic radiation, so expectant mothers naturally dare not despise it

according to the reporter, at present, there are both national standards and industry standards for electromagnetic shielding in China, but special standards are being formulated for radiation protective clothing

there are relevant standards but no special standards

as a booming industry in recent years, the quality and safety standards of radiation protective clothing have always been concerned. This newspaper has reported on this issue (see the 5th edition of our newspaper on March 24, 2011 for details). 1t is understood that at present, there is no mandatory national standard for the whole radiation protection products in China. The standards for radiation protection products on the market are set by the manufacturers themselves, and the standards formulated by each enterprise are different

Huang Jianhua, member of the national electromagnetic shielding material Standardization Technical Committee, said that at present, China has formulated many relevant standards on yarn, fabric, test method, occupational radiation protection clothing, and several related standards are in the process of preparation

the reporter learned that there are some standards related to electromagnetic radiation in China, among which the standards that have been promulgated and implemented mainly include “electromagnetic radiation resistant combed wool” (GB / T 26383-2011), “protective clothing microwave radiation protective clothing” (GB / T 23463-2009), “electromagnetic radiation resistant combed wool” (GB / T 26383-2011), “electromagnetic radiation resistant clothing” (GB / T 23463-2009), “electromagnetic radiation resistant clothing” (GB / T 23463-2009) GB / T 22583-2009 and GJB 6190-2008, QJ 2809-96, SJ 20524-1995

at the same time, there are two national standards and national standards committee has announced the project, which are “general technical requirements for civil electromagnetic shielding fabrics” and “testing method for shielding effectiveness of planar electromagnetic shielding materials”. 1n addition, five national standards, such as test method for shielding electromagnetic radiation efficiency of radiation protective clothing and general technical requirements for planar electromagnetic shielding materials, are being prepared< According to Gu Hongfeng, one of the experts who participated in the formulation of the national radiation protection standard and member of the national clothing Standardization Technical Committee, the national standard for radiation protection clothing testing is still being formulated, and the relevant departments have not quantified the relevant data and indicators. Professional parameters are being formulated and will be published as soon as possible" The standard of radiation protective clothing is being drafted, and now it is in the stage of technical research. After taking out a first draft, it needs to be demonstrated and discussed by all parties. After reaching an agreement, it needs to be approved by the state before it can be officially released. So 1'm not sure when the standard will be released. " She said, "now for radiation protection clothing can block radiation controversy, 1 think is the current state for radiation protection clothing has no quantitative standard, after the standard is formulated, there will be relevant data to support, there will be a unified statement, in order to determine the effect in the end how much."< 1n an interview with our reporter, experts said that consumers can trust but not rely on the function of radiation protective clothing. Li Guodong, consultant of the National Technical Committee for standardization of electromagnetic shielding materials, explained that there is very little electromagnetic radiation from the gap between the cuff and the anti radiation clothing, and the gap between the anti radiation clothing and the human body is very small. Every time the radiation is reflected in the clothing, the energy will be weakened and become heat until the radiation disappears. This part of the heat will be absorbed by the human body, but it is harmless to the human body. At the same time, the reflection distance of radiation from entering to disappearing is 3 ~ 5mm, so it will disappear at the edge of the anti radiation clothing, and will not reach the heart, central nervous system and other sensitive parts of the human body in Gu Hongfeng’s opinion, it’s certain that anti radiation clothing can work. 1t’s just a matter of how much effect it can have and how much radiation it can prevent. 100% anti radiation is absolutely impossible. Just like anti ultraviolet, this kind of protection is relative. Of course, fake anti radiation clothing for pregnant women certainly has no protection function. Lu Fumin, Secretary General of the National Technical Committee for standardization of electromagnetic shielding materials and chief engineer of Shanghai 1nstitute of Metrology and testing technology, pointed out that the role of anti radiation clothing for pregnant women is “certain”, and many brands of anti radiation clothing on the market can block most of the electromagnetic radiation Liu Wenkui, Professor of Shanxi Medical University and expert on biological effects and protection of environmental electromagnetic field, said that if the electromagnetic radiation in the environment exceeds the standard, it is harmful to human body, and if it does not exceed the standard, it is harmless. General regular manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment before leaving the factory are tested not to exceed the standard, but do not rule out the exception. Lu Ying, a professor at Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, suggests that sensitive groups, including pregnant women, should avoid contacting places with electromagnetic sources analysts pointed out that in order to eliminate the dispute of radiation protection clothing, it is necessary to clarify the regulatory responsibility as soon as possible, and issue national standards on the premise of ensuring science. This is not only responsible for manufacturers, but also for pregnant women, but also for newborns

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