1nto the president enterprise — Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd

Chaomei enterprise (Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.) is a leading enterprise specializing in the production of occupational dust-proof, medical protection and PM2.5 masks in China

in 2000, the safety science and technology research center of the State Economic and Trade Commission designated the exclusive production of new anti-n-nitroso compound masks

in 2003, he actively participated in the fight against SARS. According to the requirements of the national development and Reform Commission, he exclusively supplied anti SARS masks to Beijing, the people’s Liberation Army and the national emergency material reserve center, and was the first to apply ethylene oxide sterilization equipment in China, which ensured the quality of mask products

in recent years, adhering to the development concept of “revitalizing the factory with science and technology and continuous innovation”, putting people’s safety and health first, we have launched a series of products with good reputation in the labor protection industry, leading the development of respiratory protection products

Lin Jinxiang, President of Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association and chairman of Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., said: “since the development of Chaomei enterprises, we must always adhere to learning, have innovative spirit, have a high sense of social responsibility, seize all kinds of learning and communication opportunities, and boost the rapid development of enterprises, We will make joint efforts to make the labor protection products industry play an increasingly important role in work safety and occupational health. “

after visiting the technology R & D and testing center of Chaomei enterprises, the enterprise culture and many products of Chaomei enterprises were displayed one by one. We deeply felt the scientific and technological strength of Chaomei enterprises, the warm reception and considerate service of President Lin Jinxiang and Chaomei enterprise team, and enhanced the emotional exchanges between the Council members and member units of the association

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