1ntroduction of new technology of environmental protection and dust prevention in open pit coal mine

As an open-pit coal mining production, Xinjiang Guanghui Coal 1ndustry Co., Ltd. has invested tens of millions of yuan to take the lead in introducing foreign advanced spray dust control technology in the country, gradually realizing the situation of economy and environmental protection in parallel

on May 14, the author came to the second mining area of baishihu open pit coal mine of Xinjiang Guanghui coal company, which is located in Naomaohu Town, Yiwu County, Xinjiang. 1n the excavation pit, transport vehicles spiral up the tunnel, and there is not much dust behind the vehicle. Han Shifa, general manager of Xinjiang Guanghui Coal 1ndustry Co., Ltd., said that this year, the company purchased more than 40 water sprinklers, which use tunnel wastewater and treated domestic water to continuously spray water on roads, workers’ operations, on-site office areas and other places where transport trucks pass, improving the effect of water spraying and dust reduction, and effectively reducing dust pollution” The most advanced environmental protection technology is applied in crushing and screening stations. We have invested tens of millions of yuan to take the lead in using the advanced technology of spraying dust prevention in open-pit coal mines in China. After the preliminary experiment, the effect is very obvious, and the dust reduction effect can reach 90% ” Han Shifa said

at the crushing and screening station, the workers demonstrated the effect comparison between using spray technology and not using spray technology. The author saw that when spraying technology was not used, the vehicles dumping raw coal quickly raised coal dust, and the workers standing two meters away could not be seen clearly. After starting the spray facilities, the spray from different directions installed on both sides will sprinkle the water into the tunnel of crushing and screening station to reduce the fly ash. According to the introduction, the main secret is that the water is added with pollution-free additive, which has adsorption capacity and can play the role of dust prevention, dust reduction and environmental protection” 1n the past, the dust on the working platform in the mining area was 2 cm thick every day, and the staff of each post could hardly see each other, just relying on the walkie talkie to coordinate their work. ” Han Shifa said that in recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to environmental protection. 1n order to take the lead, the company has gone out for many times to investigate and search for equipment and technology on the 1nternet. Last year, the company found that an American agency in Tianjin had the technology in this field, so it held talks and determined the experimental site. On April 15, this year, the company invested 10 million yuan to introduce equipment and technology at one time, and completed the preliminary identification and experiment on May 1″ Naomao lake has a lot of windy weather. 1f the daily production of 40000 to 50000 tons is calculated, hundreds of tons of coal will be blown away by the wind every year. After the implementation of environmental protection technology, it not only locks up the fly ash dispersion and pollutes the environment, but also effectively reduces the loss of coal yard. This alone can save more than 10000 yuan a day. We should not only calculate the economic accounts, but also the environmental protection and people’s livelihood accounts. We should not ignore the environmental protection and workers’ health problems for the sake of economic benefits. ” Han Shifa said

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